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florida tornado blows bouncy castle away with 3 kids inside

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-06
On Memorial Day, three children were injured after accidentally riding in a very dangerous inflatable castle.
According to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, two inflatable bounce houses were pulled from one place on Monday afternoon when a splash poured up the coast --
There are three children in one of them.
When water flowers cross the land, they become tornadoes.
Tornado classified as EF since then
A tornado at the National Weather Service, throwing two castles above the tree line, passing through four lanes and throwing them into a nearby parking lot, shocked sunbathers and City attendees --
When the Memorial Day family activity area was flying out, it sponsored it.
Fortunately, the three children were driven out of the house before leaving the beach, dripping from inflatable devices in the air onto the beach.
According to NBC Miami,year-A six-year-old girlyear-
An 11-year-old girlyear-
After the incident, the old boy was sent to the tobroward health care center.
\"I was thinking I was dying,\" five-year-old shadaya Bryant told NBC Miami television . \".
\"I was in the bounce house and when I was there it flew up and then I fell into the dirt.
Shada and 11-year-
The elderly were treated for minor fractures and discharged from hospital, while 6-year-
It was listed as a stable old girl but was held overnight for observation.
When her father looked at her and felt \"helpless\", her arm was broken.
\"I \'ve been crying there, and I \'ve been crying from seeing the bounce house to the hospital, and I \'ve been so scared,\" said Ryan Howard . \".
\"I thought it was safe.
\"Howard is not the first parent to learn about the tough way inflatable bounce houses don\'t look as safe.
A month before this year, a bounce house in the New York apartment building sent three children over 15 metres into the air, two of whom were seriously injured.
A 2014 study conducted by the University of Ryerson in Toronto found that in all age groups, inflatable bounce houses accounted for 42 of amusement park injuries, and more than half of children aged 15 and under 15
On Monday, a beach tourist witnessed a bungee-jumping castle incident in Florida, and the video showed that seeing such tame child attraction take off was enough to keep some people away from them forever.
\"It\'s like spinning, breaking a basketball goal and breaking a light pole,\" Jammelia told NBC . \".
\"It kept spinning, when the little girl fell over the concrete.
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