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following a theme park trail along the eastern seaboard.

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
Visiting Sesame Square, Busch Gardens, American Waterland and kingsdaoming, a side trip sandwiched between the Baltimore Zoo and the National Aquarium, proved to be a great family trip.
During the time we were dating, in the early days of our marriage, my wife had a hard timeand-
Fast character when it comes to holidays: It\'s always better to end a day\'s trip too early than a day\'s tool.
On our various trips to Hawaii, Aruba, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Florida, her advice turned out to be wise.
So I was a little shocked to hear about the adventures we had planned recently.
We will go nine days in a row--
The first and last of the trip ---
From New York to Pennsylvania, and finally to Virginia, when we visited Sesame Square, Baltimore Zoo, Baltimore National Aquarium, Busch Gardens, American Water Country and King rule.
Of course I\'m here for a trip like this, but I\'m not sure if our kids will be pushed to that level.
After all, our biggest child, Julie, is only 4 years old, and her younger brother, Alex, and Trevor, are 3 years old and 1 year old respectively.
Obviously, though, when I was in the office, Margaret had done some strategic politics with our descendants.
Not only do they count the days before our departure every day, but they are at the table every night ---without fail--
In the weeks leading up to the holiday, the two oldest people will recite our entire itinerary: list all the places we are going, and the name of the hotel we are going to check in and the type of accommodation we are going to enjoy in each hotel, such as the indoor pool or the outdoor pool, if the pool is heated, which places are suites, where they will sleepout couch, etc.
Once we have kids, one of the concessions I have to make is the days I go out of town
The season is over.
Although I hate the crowd, if I have long lines, I am definitely the most annoying person on Earth ---
I can never understand the charm of Walt Disney World. -
I fully accepted the fate of the summer vacation.
However, since our biggest child is only in kindergarten
Spring break is still a reality, at least this year.
The trouble is that there are three water parks pending trial and we are gambling with the weather.
Before June, it was not only rainy but also cool. (
Personally, I prefer the cold and the rain except for the violent snowstorm, but now the children have to come first. )
In memory, however, early and mid-term conditions may occur for the first time in the northeast.
Not only did a drop of rain not fall, but the cloud was not seen for weeks.
We left under the blue sky on Saturday afternoon. -
This will change dramatically in less than 24 hours. -
Langhorne to Pa
, The home of cesama place, our idea is to arrive at the hotel later in the afternoon, have dinner, and then have a good night\'s sleep so that we become fresh and alert, go to the park on time on Sunday morning.
Like locked.
It turned out to be a breeze to drive.
Although they are gentle, our children are excellent for a long time. Distance Rider--
Don\'t complain about driving too long;
Do not complain that the other person speaks or sings or plays too loudly;
The most gratifying thing for their parents is, are we still there?
\"In addition, we have brought a complete insurance policy. -Video-in-a-Bag--
So three of our young travelers can watch their favorite tapes at any time.
We put Julie in charge of the inventory, although it\'s usually Trevor, the most aggressive of the three of us, who is picking.
I live in mini-
When Margaret went to register, fan took the children with him.
Wait a bit long because there are three wedding parties (andguests)
Come and go when we arrive.
Seeing a group of bridesmaids and their gorgeous dresses, Julie asked what happened.
I explained that these women were on their way to the wedding, which sparked an interesting discussion in which I learned that my daughter would one day get married and become a mom, but that\'s not until you become a \"female doctor\" or \"have your own barber shop.
When I asked her why she couldn\'t be a mother, a doctor, or a beautician, she stressed very much: \"I don\'t want to do these two things at the same time!
When Mom was after I did something else. \" (
Since then, she has changed her career plan and now wants to be a swimming coach. )After check-
It\'s time for dinner.
While Julie and Alex are good at the restaurant, Trevor is probably a terrorist.
Not this night, though.
The dinner was swallowed so quickly that we had time to return to the hotel\'s outdoor heated pool.
Considering the three water worms waiting for us the next day, it turned out to be a good decision.
We got up early the next morning so we had time to have breakfast, check out and go to Sesame Place before the park was open.
We received rude greetings when we walked to the car. It was cloudy. It was cold. It was windy. Uh-
Oh, Mom and Dad are crying.
Julie was not intimidated by these conditions. he said, \"it doesn\'t matter;
I, Eli, and Trevi can all wear spring clothes that mom packs.
That\'s what they did.
Ah, the resilience of youth.
The day of the Sesame Festival starts indoors, adding a new feature, \"live world of Elmo!
According to popular clips from TV Sesame Street, Elmo, goldfish Dorothy and Mr.
Explore the concept of dance with noodles.
Before the show, the usher asked the volunteers to sit in front of the stage and join Elmo.
Although Julie is shy, she is not usually a volunteer type.
Still, she was pretty sure she wanted to dance with Elmo, who did not show any restraint.
We have been to Sesame Square before and many times we know that there is a lot to do even without the pool and water rides.
#1 on this day is the steam trail of Grover, 14-
The only roller coaster in Acrepark.
Because Sesame Square was designed for kids, it didn\'t even have a roller coaster until a few years ago.
Thankfully, the steam trail is not new.
Crazy and exciting rides will reduce your life by several years while ignoring the laws of physics.
It has enough drops and turns to make the kids scream, but not out of fear, but out of joy.
Due to the cold weather, we can ride the steam trail over and over without having to wait in line.
This was especially satisfying for Alex, who kept calling it a \"side roller coaster\" all day long \".
\"In the past trip he had to watch his sister have a good time while he could only stand.
There is a necessary walk to the vicinity of sesame, afull-
Outdoor redecorated size
Make a classic \"Sesame Street\" TV set to improvise with kids and their favorite characters.
Young people must also run, jump and play. this is the real way out for sesame seeds.
There\'s a lot
Water park area where children can climb (
At Cookie Hill, a vinyl cone that Participants slide down after they arrive at the top),bounce (
A huge, elastic air mattress on Ernie\'s bed, perfect for jumping and jumping)
Enjoy a variety of slides, mazes, tunnels, ropes, beach toys and oversized building blocks.
Our children have built a tradition of climbing dozens of steps every time they visit. or face)
In the big bird statue, when they stand proudly as if they had conquered Mt. Everest.
Live performances are a key part of the Sesame Square experience.
We especially enjoyed the Jungle Adventures of David Jack.
His CD has been affected in our home in the past few years, so it\'s a pleasure to see him live.
Theshow is innovative and fun, it is especially cute when he hands the microphone to the little child who bravely sings words for his healthknown songs.
Despite the low temperatures, Julie and Alex insisted on trying water rides.
Dad didn\'t want to take the initiative to be brave in the cold water with them.
The experiment did not last long.
For openers, Julie\'s favorite journey, the jet of Littlebird, was closed because of the debris paint, so we chose the sesame stripe, which was a bit of a terrible two-level drop
The inside of the person passes through a twisted chute, which ends in the splash pool.
Alex left first, his only attempt that day.
When the speed and blind curve make him tremble, the water makes him tremble.
But Julie likes the thrill of a sharp turn.
After the sesame stripes, she chose 75-
Slide your feet into the splash pool.
This is amistark.
I\'ll go first so I can catch her when it\'s her turn.
When she shot down the slide, I could see the fear in her eyes;
Then I let her slip through my arms and make the situation more complicated.
Margaret quickly soothed all the nervous nerves with plenty of hugs and kisses, dried everyone, and announced that it was time to watch rock and roll in the block parade, in the parade, like big birds, Zoe, count, Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, Rosta, Prairie Dawn, Telly Monster ride in a float, dancing in the crowd with the pressure of rock music in 1950.
It\'s a big hit, and each time a favorite character passes by, the three of us yell.
So Dad\'s water stupidity was quickly forgotten and the day ended in a happy way.
In planning the family holiday, Margaret faced a problem: the United States Waterland and the King\'s Dominion opened on Friday and Saturday, respectively.
What to fill in every day-
Sesame and our Tuesday gap on Wednesday
Visit the tubusch Garden on Thursday?
She reasoned that if we had to drive all the way to Virginia, why not find something to do?
It can be seen from the Atlas that Baltimore is a perfect stopover.
Baltimore Zoo celebrates 125 anniversary (
This is American the thirdoldest zoo)
The National Aquarium is located in the beautifully decorated harbor area of the city, and our children are fascinated by the creatures on land and sea, from theme parks to natural wonders to theme parks, we had a perfect transition.
We woke up on Monday morning and it was raining heavily.
I will advise us soon.
Cancel our plan, visit the indoor aquarium today and save the zoo tomorrow.
Margaret immediately denied the idea, pointing out that the aquarium is only half --
We have five activities a day.
What needs to be considered is an hour\'s drive from illiamburg.
In addition, she explains moping that the weather forecast shows that it will rain up and down the East Coast for the rest of the week.
We didn\'t say it out loud, but the silent expression of our communication illustrates everything: there is a danger of our holiday being washed clean.
However, the children inspired us.
Rain means nothing to them. -
After all, they have jackets and umbrellas. -so let\'s go.
In order to avoid the crowd, we chose the summer vacation, but when you visit the zoo, aquarium, etc. on the working day of the school class, there will always be a danger of on-the-spot investigation.
Despite the bad weather, the zoo is packed with thousands of children.
To make matters worse, they all went to the children\'s zoo, a common destination.
However, groups of young people did not stop our children.
They like to jump on the oversized Lotus mat, crawl in and out of the spinning turtle shell, whizzing down on the giant (real)
Slippery trees, riding a carousel.
Horses, cattle, pigs, sheep and goats are found everywhere in the farmyard.
Also, we saw an egg that was hatching, like a tiny chick slowly coming out of the shell pec.
Just like watching a nature show on TV, it\'s not live until now.
Still, I feel like our team is looking forward to a bigger game and they will definitely get it in the coming afternoon.
After lunch, the rain slowed down.
The students are missing.
As we explore the rest of this scenic encavefor wildlife, the real fun begins.
With more than 2,000 animals, the Baltimore Zoo has played an active role in protecting some of the world\'s most endangered creatures through several species survival initiatives.
It recently launched a reconstruction plan to address the resettlement of aging infrastructure and to improve facilities and exhibitions.
Currently, 80 of its 161 acres have been developed.
While ambitious plans include taking various species out of cages and placing them in open areas so they have more room to roam, walking along the main valley of the zoo is still interesting, it began in the 1800 s.
Polar bears, Arctic foxes, snow leopards, red pandas, prairie dogs and Tigers are the children\'s favorites.
Although it began to fall into the barrel again, they were not affected by pleasure when they were wandering in the cage, eyes --
Save our family.
Their only visitor at this point)
We watched them in the pouring rain.
Before strolling through the main valley, we traveled through Africa.
Because it\'s only light rain at this time, we can wander while watching cheetahs, elephants, lions, wolves and rhinos.
Two indoor exhibitions are also a pleasure.
The giraffe house is a unique structure, at least in our limited experience, and it is a circular building where visitors can walk into the center with animals in the surrounding wooden pots.
The oversized picture window allows you to see the legs and body of each animal, but the top half of it is invisible, at least before you look up and see the giraffe head sticking out of the \"public\" space
One of their boxes of hay was on our side, making sure the owner would \"come out\" for a visit.
The chimpanzee Forest offers some unexpected interactive games where the chimpanzee takes his stick and jokingly starts poking at Alex, who, if possible, will gladly promise, grab the end of his small wooden pole.
The chimpanzees and other monkeys who live there are active, showing jumping, climbing, playing and screaming.
In contrast, the crocodiles under several doors, as quiet as death, only their eyes and nose broke the water.
The next day, nature continued to play the opposite game to the weather.
Despite all the terrible promises made
When awarm, the sultry front moved in, the storm retreated.
To be honest, I prefer to go to the zoo in the rain than in hot and humid weather.
At least the aquarium airconditioned.
Like the Baltimore Zoo, the National Aquarium\'s weekday mornings are crazy due to field trips from local schools.
It has become even more obvious since everyone flocked to the spectacular exhibition \"Seahorse: beyond imagination.
\"Nevertheless, all efforts to compete for positions are worth it.
This amazing 2,000square-
Hiking shows 10 of the world\'s 35 identified seahorse species, as well as seadragons with overgrown and leafy weeds and several pipe fish.
With Ninerectangular and cylindrical tanks up to 850 gallons, the elaborate sound system offers visitors one of the most diverse seahorse shows ever seen on the East Coast.
There are tiger tail seahorses from the Philippines, big belly seahorses from southeast Australia, blue striped sea fish from East Africa, Dragon face sea fish from Indonesia, and huge Pacific seahorses from Mexico.
The length of these organisms ranges from less than half an inch to more than 12 inch tails.
All women outside should be excited that the man was pregnant during the courtship process.
The females put the eggs in his brood bag, where he fertilize them.
Young people grow up in the pouch.
Depending on the circumstances, pregnancy varies from 10 to 30 days. (
Who says the man\'s weight can\'t pull up? )
Although \"seahorse: beyond imagination\" is only a temporary exhibition, its two
One of the more permanent features of this spring\'s year in Baltimore is the live dolphin show.
Personally, I think dolphins can swim, jump, spin and perform more, and there will be less ecological dialogue for the narrator.
That being said, this is the message and the children like it very much.
We ended up in the rainforest, where we showed the diversity of animals and fauna found in the deepest and darkest jungle on Earth.
The trouble is that after a cold day and a visit to the cool and humid zoo in seshaman, the mother instinctively puts the child on long sleeves.
This is good for most of the air
There are facilities available, but this is not the case for a rainforest environment.
We were so hot that we wanted to calm down and ran around the water tiger fish tank.
Like my father, it\'s disappointing. -
Actually, he passed it on to me. -
I am very interested in the three special predators of piranha, barracuda and shark.
Seeing these three aquatic killers in real family traditions, I got my kids excited.
But there are no Barracuda in this aquarium.
Yes, I called to complain.
Trapped the piranha because of heatstroke
The aquarium has five levels.
At the first level, dozens of stingray fish (
Another favorite of me and my kids)
Many small sharks can be seen from the water or through an underwater viewing window of 260,000. gallon pool.
Ray\'s collection is the largest in the country.
On the second floor, open sea, big sharks and small sharks
The tooth-shaped saw fish slowly surrounded the tourists in 225,000gallon ring-shaped tank.
This is what I really want, and also to see how the children react to the hammer head, just like Alex panting at the size of their teeth, Julie was surprised to find that a fish is actually bigger than her father.
When she liked sharks and seahorses, my daughter announced at the end of the day that her favorite aquarium residents were the port and gray seal located at 70,000
Gallon outdoor rock pool outside the main building.
For Alex, this is a link between the giantai octopus and the electric eel. (
Trevor was not elected;
He slept on the carrier on my back most of the time. )
There are more than 14,000 fish and mammals in the aquarium, representing nearly 600 species.
Of course, the tree test of diversity and interest is always on the children, and all morning and afternoon we hear is \"Dad, come and see this \";
\"Mom, you have to look at this fish . \"
\"Alley, hurry up, see what\'s in this tank \"; \"Ju-
Wow, did you see that?
\"It\'s a crazy fight.
They were attracted to the creatures in each exhibition, but they couldn\'t wait to see what was found at the next exhibition. The five-
It\'s calm to drive an hour to Williamsburg--
Until we almost got there.
Then, as I rarely see, the sky on the interstate opens.
I think I am a good driver and have the confidence to drive our vehicle in almost all conditions, but for a few times in my life, I would love to stop and wait.
However, the visibility was so poor that I decided that parking on the side of the road was more dangerous than stopping on the highway and hoping for the best.
The flood lasted only about 15 minutes, but it seemed to last for several hours.
We were relieved when it suddenly stopped, but it started again.
This time, however, did not last that long.
Still, it was a relief when we finally walked into the hotel in the now sunny weather.
As usual, my wife was very nice with our stay plan.
We\'re staying outside for eight nights.
Williamsburg is our only stay-four nights--
We were lucky enough to find a spacious hotel suite with two kings in it
There is a large size bed, a spacious living room and a fully equipped kitchen.
We didn\'t plan on cooking, but it was definitely convenient to have afridge, microwave and dining table as at this point of the trip,
Dinner is our main dinner.
We took advantage of the common room across the elevator because even when we were on vacation, it either washed clothes or rented a trailer full of children\'s clothes.
In addition, the hotel offers a full buffet breakfast, which saves us a lot of time and money. (As my father-in-
The law once said: \"I would rather dress them than feed them. \")
The next morning, when we picked up our pass to Busch Gardens and water country, we were told the weather was bad for the past four days --wise.
At least for the next 72 hours, this will be the case.
Temperatures, low humidity and bright sunshine in their 80 s are perfectly combined, adding a task to Mom\'s \"never\"
End the housework list: apply sunscreen to children.
Busch garden with beautiful scenery and distinctive features
European century
Theme section (
Representing six different countries)
Four crazy and terrible roller coasters: Apollo chariot, 70 miles per hour, 210 kilometers per hourfoot drop;
Alpengeist, 67 miles per hour, 195-foot drop;
Nice lake monster, 60 miles per hour, the world\'s first interlocking, double
Steel Roller Coaster;
Of the world\'s first models, the big bad wolf, 48 miles an hour. To thrill-
I said, the seekers enjoy it, just like when I was younger and more stupid. (
At 1993, I went to Loch Ness Monster and Big Bad Wolf.
I also believe it was my first year of gray hair. )
On this visit, I was single to Wilde Maus --
A car roller coaster designed for children to simulate the movement of mice through the maze.
For me, it simulates a car driving on a steep road.
However, Julie likes it very much. \"Again, Daddy!
Can we continue? !
\"I staggered to a sandy bench and drank a few mouthfuls from my water bottle, panting and saying,\" only when mom took you.
After Margaret and Julie turned around, my wife smiled in confusion and said, \"you are a big fat chicken, a coward --cat.
\"The next day I tried to redeem myself by agreeing to another spin.
While we were waiting online, Julie assured me that fear was OK.
Right in front of us. -
His waist is about 235 pounds from his little daughter. -
Listened to Julie\'s encouraging speech.
He reported with sympathy that he also had some palpitations when he rode his bike earlier. What was funny--
From your point of view, or wise ---
When we\'re on four ships
He was in the car with his daughter and he advised me to turn left the front because the surreal scene had the children bury their heads in our boxes.
Make things worse.
Or better, according to mom and dad)
The buzz in our ears (from bees)
The disturbing breeze in our hairfrom bats)
Our head is perceived as dropletson (from birds)
Took 4-D appellation.
There are lively music performances in Busch Garden, but it\'s hard to sit Trevor for too long.
I suspect the kids think this has something to do with their favorite PBS show the story of the Dragon.
Still, they seem to enjoy it, and everything has remained calm since Trevor took a nap in the stroller.
The favorite place for these two days is the Land of Dragons, a play area with ropes --
Climbing, slides, sprinklers and slides.
On our second visit, Margaret walked for a few minutes to change diapers for Trevor and I wanted to lose Alex.
She came back to me. stricken. (
The terrain is like this, he left the area without passing me, but I still can\'t find him. )
Margaret, let me calm down and take Trevor.
She came back with Alex a few minutes later.
Even if not there, she knew exactly where he was based on the merits of his previous day.
Mother\'s intuition is yours.
When we didn\'t know it, it seemed to disappear in the two days of Busch.
Although time has passed quickly, there are many ways to go on these long days.
After dinner, take a bath in the hotel pool and we can go to bed early.
Friday was the peak of the week, and the children finally basked in the sun in the water park.
We booked a trip with a venue (
Sesame Square and King\'s territory, respectively)
There are water rides in the large theme park.
You already know what\'s going on in sesame and we\'ll go to the King rule story later.
There are three children\'s areas in the American Water Village. we spent 99 years here. 9% of our time.
We opened the morning store in the cattle store. A-Bunga, a4,500-square-
There are water slides and waterfalls, fountains, water cannons and a variety of interactive activities.
For the children, this is heaven on earth.
As there are 100% visitors by the pool, all we have to do is pull a recliner and watch.
At that time, 20-month-old Trevor was going through a stage where only dad would do it.
Instead of staying in the stroller, he asked his father to take him anywhere.
In fact, it\'s funny because unlike his brother and sister, Trevor won\'t have anything to do with me when he first comes home from the hospital after birth.
In fact, he will definitely cry. -
Very loud--if I held him.
Neighbors, friends, family members, and even strangers will be scolded, and dad will be scolded.
Anyway, my youngest neighbor finally took advantage of me in the water country.
The rest time is about 11. m.
Throughout the week he was trying to take a stroller and he couldn\'t fully stretch in the stroller, but he was sitting on an oversized recliner in the shade and stuck in a long-awaited deep sleep
As I kept taking him all week, Margaret had me lazily in the chair next to him for two and a half hours, and neither of us had moved.
Very pleasant.
We were late when he finally got up, so we hurried to another children\'s area-the picnic table next to the Kingdom of children.
The children are ready to return to the water after eating the meal.
Thanks to the expansion of the scale, the Kingdom of the child proves aball
Water slides, rides and fountains.
When Trevor and I got back to the cowsA-
Bangga, Julie and Alex decided to go to the wave pool bravely with their mom.
Not surprisingly, Alex was escorted back to us in tears.
This is the best, though.
Margaret and Julian were free to go back to the surfers Bay wave pool and Alex Andover exploded on the water slide in front of my rest area.
After the family reunion, we decided to go to the drifting river to try.
The tube was big enough for Julie to ride with her mom, while Trevor and Alexei were mesmerized by dad\'s big belly during a stroll in the area.
However, what is still ahead is [H. sub. 2]
UFO, the largest interactive game area in the water country.
A series of slides, jets and waterfalls made Julie and Alex scream with joy.
As usual, I was with Trevor and mom was in the water with her two biggest kids.
We will close the park again to fulfill our motto: come early and come later.
Then, the sky suddenly darkened and the sound of rumbling in the air heralds the waiting person.
Even after the hard drops started, the children insisted on not going and did not know their long time --
Wait for the end of the day at this water park.
We finally convinced these three people. -
Trevor is at his waist by now. -
It\'s really time to go.
When the downpour started, we just took them out of the water ---
It doesn\'t matter because when he is stationed on the right hand side we are all sitting in the shower seat.
\"It doesn\'t make sense that we sit on the same side and tilt around a curve,\" he said . \"kidding.
It was Julie\'s turn to be shocked in escape from the forest.
\"She was fearless when it came to log sinks, raftrides, etc.
In fact, ominous-
When we passed by, we wanted to end the rideis that attracted her by the way.
However, we did not put this authentic
The eruption before the final stage.
Even I was surprised because the pillars and statues crashed around the raft and the Real Flame was close enough to your cheek to heat.
She held on to me, and before it finally ended, tears filled her eyes in her big green eyes.
Still, she recovered quickly, and for the next few days, whenever we saw her --
I took a picture of Pang Pei, and I could still blame her, \"Jules, do you think we should try this again?
\"She will always pay off a good --
Sports smile before mom put me in my place.
\"If you choose Wilde Maus, Julie will choose Pompeii again.
\"It\'s over.
Stores in these six countries-
Ireland, Germany, Italy, Scotland, England and France-
Filled with a variety of gifts, souvenirs and carefully crafted items that are unique to the country.
When Margaret and I visited Busch Gardens 8 years ago, we went through a lot of things and bought a lot of things, and it was really saying something because my wife was not a shopper.
This time, however, we can only look eagerly at the display of the storefront, because there are three children under the age of five, and it is almost impossible to enter such a place.
Similarly, the national food that can be obtained is the mouth. watering.
While many parks offer only hot dogs, chips, and perhaps fried chicken, our children are happy to taste excess junk and sausage in Germany and Italy.
Our descendants also appreciate flowers and vegetation.
Each family has a designated Garden (
Of course, although Dad does all the maintenance)
They like to see colorful flowers everywhere.
The park features more than 150,000 annual plants, 80,000 tulips, 6,000 chrysanthemums, 700 container gardens, and thousands of trees and shrubs. Two-
Dozenlandscape artists spend nearly 6 hours a day trimming, planting and weeding.
A great way to enjoy the flowers and layout of the park is to take the skyride, which crosses the park from the air.
It\'s too bad. there\'s not enough repair.
Instead, we had to take the train.
The ride is not only scenic, but convenient, as there is a stroller position at the end of each car, and they don\'t even have to be emptied and folded.
Our young people have avoided most of the adult rides and enjoyed what they could negotiate, and they have enjoyed a variety of options: Children\'s planes, bumper cars, swings, gliders and balloon rides.
Nevertheless, they are willing to solve the problems of some adult businesses, including the dialog flume and white-
Water cable car (Julie), teacup ride (Julie andAlex)
And Le Mans circuit (
Julie, Alex and Trevor).
All three have ventured into 4-
In addition to the tears of Trevor leftin, there is pirates.
Too bad because my mom and I thought of this short film about the unlucky pirate ship and its eccentric captain (
Starting with Leslie Nelson Andridge
Really cool. The 3-
D glasses are actually effective--
Too suitable.
While we hardly needed confirmation, when Julie announced we could skip the hotel pool tonight, we knew the day was very successful, not because of the rain (
It stopped by then)
But because they have spent enough time in the water.
About 50 miles from Williamsburg is Doswell of Va.
400-home of Kings Dawn
Kerry paramount theme water park and our last stop before we go home to New York.
We were hoping to end the holiday with high grades, but it was only because of the tenacity of our children.
On this day, it falls, falls, falls--
Then pour some more. All day. All the time. No letup.
No exaggeration. The kids?
They will not care less.
They want to play around the water. Works, the 19-
Akry water park is part of the king\'s rule area, but since their minds were still fresh the day before, there was no sweat without the water park.
Nevertheless, Margaret and I were impressed with their attitude.
Not singlecomplaint (I swear)about the rain--
It was also a cold rain.
We cover them as much as possible with umbrellas and baby stroller Hood;
Drag off the seat at each amusement facility;
Then I bought a dress and a hat.
After a while, however, it became meaningless because there was no stop at all.
We were bitten three times from head to foot and soon had a family meeting.
Mom and I offered to either check in early at our new hotel for the day or start coming home in New York.
Neither Julie nor Alex ever heard of it.
They asked for more rides.
Trevor, who did not speak in a sentence at the time, agreed with his brothers and sisters and interjected, \"Stay! Stay! \" Okay, then.
It is back in the Kidzville area and has been on duty twice or three times for all 14 rides.
The taxi roller coaster all day drew Alexei\'s attention.
He will ride several times;
Try something else;
Then turn around a circle or two. And so it went.
Julie\'s most popular journey is Scooby-
Bucket Ghoster coasters, one of the Thomas old --
Time wood cup mat.
For the most exciting thrill, she always chooses the front or last car. Scooby-
Fighting is the most tame of the 11 worlds ruled by the King-
First class roller coaster.
The new amusement park this year is the most incredible and incredible attraction I have ever seen.
Supersonic XLC is the first in the world
Launch a roller coaster with the fastest acceleration (
1 Mile to 80 miles. 8seconds)
Any ride in the world.
The angle of its descent (180 [degrees])
It is also unparalleled.
Rider climb 165-foot-
Vertical tower with 180 height [degrees]angle.
Then it\'s on it (No pun intended)
Straight down straight down!
Julie, Alex and I looked at it all from the top of the Eiffel Tower, a 332-
Replica of the Paris monument.
From there you can see the whole park, the kids are kids, they find our car in the parking lot, just like they watch all 11 roller coasters in Kidzville and the rides they just enjoyed.
The gift we gave Julie on her 4 th birthday proved to be valuable when we got off the tower and went to Nickelodeon Central and Rugrats Toonpike.
There, the children drive electric cars.
This is not on any track)
Cruise near by theRugrats.
Traffic lights, gas stations and traffic signs are everywhere on the street.
Thanks to all the time she spent driving her own electric car at home, our daughter, on her four trips to climb the steering wheel, was easily the best driver.
This skill also serves her. and Alex)
Later that night
After Alex and Trevor met blue a few times-
An interactive adventure where you will follow a few clues to solve the puzzle of the day before entering Steve\'s house, where the ickelodeon TV icon is waiting in blue ---
It\'s almost dinner time. look, it\'s a miracle--
The rain stopped.
Since the park was open very late, we didn\'t have to get up early the next morning, it was the last day of the holiday and the kids loved it, we decided to have dinner there and take everyone to the car to buy a dry suit, come back and enjoy a few more rides.
So we went back to the park to explore some areas that were not licensed, only this time under the clear and cool sky.
After trying the carousel, LogFlume (twice)
We told the children that they could choose one more car per person.
Alex chose the top cat taxi and Julie chose the kids bumper car.
In Busch Garden, our old Destin is (successfully)
Go after another car. (
I teach very well. )
However, Alex can\'t get the hang of it and will inevitably get stuck in a corner.
\"Dad, I just can\'t do it!
He cried and tears of frustration rolled down his cheeks.
Still, I convinced him to shoot again in the king\'s reign that night.
Same result.
At this point, the common sense mom walked in and suggested that they go with Alex tiding shotgun instead of in a separate car.
\"Now we have to do some real collisions, right?
Julie repeated what I said.
The mantra whenever I take her to an adult bumper car.
It turns out that our team is strong.
With Alex now reducing the pressure on the gas pedal and steering wheel to work, he is free as his sister moves toward a series of car victims.
He clearly pointed to one car after another with relish, hisheavy-
Sister foot skillfully shuttled through the traffic and completed her mission. She did not show mercy.
This is also the task we did during our tired but unforgettable holidays. (
It turned out that my wife\'s rules were set by the board of directors.
The trip is neither long nor short.
This is correct. )
When Trevor first began speaking, Margaret began a great little tradition.
After a family trip--
Beach, playground, Nana\'s house, etc. --
On her way home, she will ask, \"who is having a good time today?
\"M-\" choruse-e-e-e-e!
\"We will be happy to follow up.
We do it every day during this holiday and the result is the same.
When we go to the interstateand home)
She asked another question the next morning.
\"So, who is having a good time during our holiday?
Booming M-E-E-E-E-E! ! !
\"Then almost blew off our mini roof. van.
Indeed, this is a sweet voice. Wayne M.
Barrett is the editor-in-chief of USA Today.
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