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four injured as freak ‘tornado’ sends two jumping castles flying

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-09
Dramatic footage captures the moment when a sudden gust of wind passes through the park and lifts two jumping castles to the sky.
Two jumping castles were blown away.
Source: supplier 3year-
An abnormal \"tornado\" let two jumping castles fly around in a park in England, one of the four injured little girls.
Dramatic footage captured an instant when a sudden gust of wind blew up at a Ashes game field in Holden, Yorkshire, during a Father\'s Day picnic on Sunday.
When the wind blew a jumping castle and a 30ft inflatable slide into the air, the toilet was blown down and the branches fell from the tree.
The video shows two resilient castles flying in an abnormal \"tornado\" in Yorkshire.
Image: Magnus News Source: when families in panic are forced to flee the scene with hundreds of attendees, the children\'s screams can be heard in the video.
The ambulance service said four people, including three, had been taken to hospital. year-
An old man who is considered not seriously injured.
A sudden wind blew across the field.
Image source: Magnus News AgencySource: two other patients were provided to Hull\'s Royal Infirmary, but the ambulance service was unable to state their injuries.
The fourth man was sent to the Royal Infirmary of Doncaster.
Thankfully, when a gust of wind hits, there seems to be no child on the inflatable castle. A three-year-
One of the four injured was an old girl.
Image source: supplier AgencySource: The parents of the supplier described the confusion, one of them said they had \"never seen a wind like before in the UK \".
A mother said, \"My son is about to go to the inflatable castle, but I said no, because the rain is already down.
Twenty seconds later, the resilient Castle was thrown into the tree.
\"It felt a little shocked, but thanks for a split decision to leave.
I hope everyone is fine. Pretty scary.
A man described a child who did not want to leave the castle a few seconds before a strong wind hit.
The parents described the scene as a mess.
Image source: Magnus News AgencySource: \"A kid doesn\'t want to get off the bus, he\'s sitting on the inflatable castle on the edge, and I think he\'s thrown on the grass.
\"The resilient Castle was really blown down on the tree and turned into a distribution ground.
\"The wind blew up the tent and the gazebo, and when I saw it piled up in the corner next to the inflatable castle and the slide.
\"It was a disaster when I saw the branches falling and hitting people.
Another bystander said: \"Both resilient castles were taken away like plastic bags.
One witness added: \"the inflatable castle went straight to us.
Thankfully, stopped by the tree.
The toilet is 2 feet away.
We feel lucky.
Three years after seven yearsyear-
At a playground in Essex Harlow, an inflatable castle was killed after a gust of wind blew away.
When the tragedy happened in March 2016, Xia and her father, Lee Grant, were at the playground.
Playground Workers William and Shelby Thurston were jailed after being convicted of manslaughter for gross negligence in death.
Four people were injured when the jumping castle took off.
Image: Magnus News Agency Source: they failed to properly protect the resilient Castle, allowed the wind to lift the inflatable device and \"turn over\" it down 300 metres.
The Ashes game field Trust, which hosts the annual community event, praised public and emergency services.
A spokesperson for the trust fund said in a statement: \"We would like to thank the emergency service and everyone who helped after an unexpected abnormal weather attack on a picnic at a park event on Sunday.
\"Throughout the event, they were all on site to provide emergency services and were able to respond quickly after a sudden tornado --
Just like the weather that destroyed the sights and trees, blowing the inflatable castle and the inflatable slide, thankfully, the heavy rain was quickly evacuated from the beginning, so no one was there.
\"Members of the public present are also very helpful and patient to help us identify anyone who needs medical help and direct assistance.
\"Their willingness to help shows the best community spirit in the city.
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