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free inflatable pillow in every box of wine

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-12
You can use this pillow while camping or take it to the stadium to make your seat more comfortable.
It is also convenient when you take a coach to help you or your passengers feel comfortable.
Because it is very adjustable for inflation.
Because it is deflected, it only takes up a bit of space, about the size of baseball. And its FREE! ! !
Box wine is convenient and a bottle of wine can be bought in most places.
The bags in the wine-packed box are very durable with leaks
Also very durable explosion-proof valve.
This combination is ideal for inflatable pillows.
Take the empty bag out of the box.
Put the open valve under the running faucet to put some water in the bag.
Inflate the bag and close the valve.
Now shake it and rinse the inside of the bag.
Otherwise, every time you deflate the pillow and pack it, it smells like wine.
I want to smell the coffee when I break the camp in the morning, not the wine, so I suggest you rinse the bag clean before going camping.
No point with extra gear, just use T-
Shirt as pillowcase.
You can feel the valve, open it slightly and let some air come out to adjust the softness of the inflatable pillow.
Good job.
Squeeze all the air out of the bag and close the valve.
This makes packages about the size of baseball easy to pack and doesn\'t take up much space.
I like to put my suitcase in the tent so I know where it is while camping.
Check out the video for more information on my 3 month stealth camping trip on the Michigan wild upper peninsula!
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