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from rough runner to mud n madness: new obstacle courses for all

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-07
Barbed wire, sink hole, ice water and electric shock.
These are the things that you usually have to overcome in obstacle classes.
Some people like the physical challenges of these activities.
It\'s painful, but it\'s part of the appeal: the purpose of these races is pain, pain, and endurance.
However, not everyone can run 12 miles on a military voyage.
Style obstacles, only so many times, you can throw yourself into the muddy trenches or skip the fire.
TV shows Total Wipeout, Castle of Takeshi, Gladiator and Fun House are like the original obstacle course-challenging but fun.
From the couch you may think you can do better.
Now you have a chance: there is a new breed that comes out to meet all fitness levels.
\"The rise of the obstacle schedule has been huge since 2010,\" said Rob Fox of the muddy race.
The UK market is estimated to be worth more than £ 12 million a year, with more than 200,000 people attending an event last year.
But not all the obstacle games are to get around the game as quickly as possible and risk the heat.
There are more and more activities to cater to those who are less competitive, and there are still some obstacles to these activities, but time is not the focus.
Not competitive means you can enjoy it with your friends.
It\'s not who runs the fastest, but has fun.
Burning calories is an extra bonus. ’ (Adults aged 65)
The first event was held in Hampshire.
There are 12 obstacles to these 10 km runs, inspired by Game performances (
And a ten-
Miles race options).
While there are some physically challenging obstacles along the way, such as cargo nets, ramps, and hanging rings, there is also a stamped horizontal wall, a huge elastic ball, and a battle with life --size pigeons.
Jonathan Gitner, founder of Rough Runner, said the event was for urban people who want to be healthier, but the idea of climbing over 10,000 volts of electricity doesn\'t appeal to them.
\"We want to summarize the fun elements of exercise and fitness with a course that is easier to access and achievable for everyone.
Obstacles get inspiration from London.
According to Gitner, Nelson\'s Column is intended to represent the daily battle of Londoners against pigeons.
You have to escape.
The big pigeon was sprinkled white and sticky.
Then we had a big ball that got inspiration from the fun house and was squeezed into the tube by a lot of people.
\"Newton\'s cradle started with Wipeout with the theme of your office stationery-you have to grab the rope and swing to the next ball.
\"Rough Runner is not the only new kid in the block. (£49)
Since its launch in 2011, the number of participants has almost quadrupled.
It was held in Nottingham on June at a distance of 5 km kilometers, with 30 obstacles.
As its name suggests, it includes a lot of water: trenches, muddy riverbanks, water outlets, water holes, and a lot of swamps.
There is also a 50-meter swim and a 50-foot water slide.
Its land barriers include climbing racks, balance trees and spider webs.
\"The name comes from the huge amount of water at the venue,\" said Stephen Walker, founder of water wiki.
\"Our logo barrier is water skiing, and everyone loves water skiing when they become a big kid again.
\"We use water spray to keep the trenches and mud banks very slippery, so it\'s almost impossible for people to fall down because of laughter.
For this family,
£ 50 for adults, including transport from London)
It was held in Essex on Saturday.
After its launch last year, organizers expect the number to double this weekend.
It is open to anyone aged 11 and above and has 7 barriers. 5km.
You have to navigate through obstacles that include space hoppers and inflatable alligators, and accept things like archery, cargo ropes, crossing the river, and more in boats and mud trails.
Founder Adam Moffat said we want adults to release their inner children.
\"It\'s an activity that you don\'t need to spend a few days training.
For a lot of people, it\'s just to get off the couch and do something fun.
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