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Fun Outdoor Games

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-28
The article here provides some of the most interesting outdoor games for people of all ages
From preschool children to young children to teenagers and adults.
People of all ages enjoy outdoor games.
For kids, they are the best way to keep them busy and take advantage of the extra energy.
For adults, they are a huge pressure breaker and team building activity.
Outdoor games designed for preschool children should be based on motor skills and improve their reaction time.
One of these games is \"catch the ball \".
If you have a group of preschool children, let them stand in a circle.
Give one of them a ball and then name the other kids.
The person with the ball must throw the ball to the child named, and the child must catch the ball again.
This continues until all the children in the group \"catch the ball \".
Race is always a hot topic for kids of all ages because it\'s fun for kids to compete with each other.
Adding a twist to the regular game can further increase the adventure.
You can also plan a group game.
Divide preschool children into five groups.
Next, lay a member of the group on a piece of cloth.
Others must hold every corner of the paper and pull all the way to the finish line from the start line.
The group that took the least time to do so was declared the winner of the competition.
In order to play this game, decide a child who becomes an \"explorer.
\"Seekers\" close their eyes and count to twenty, while other children hide behind swings, trees, vehicles, nearby buildings, etc.
After counting twenty \"Explorers\", open your eyes and try to find other children.
When all the children were found by \"seekers\", the children first found became new \"seekers\" and the game went on as usual.
If you are looking for some team building activities then this is fully compliant.
Let all the children stand in a circle.
Next, draw a circle in the middle.
As soon as you whistle, the children will have to run into this circle of paintings and adjust themselves in it.
No one is allowed out of this circle.
Once they did, they had to go to their respective places to stand.
Now, reduce the area of the drawn circle by drawing another circle in it.
When you whistle this time, the kids have to adjust themselves in this reduced area.
Again, you continue to reduce the area of the circle.
When the children adjust themselves in the drawn circle, they establish physical proximity, and sometimes they hold each other with their hands, or step on each other, and keep in the circle.
All of this has cultivated their team spirit.
An engaging educational activity for teenagers is to plan a treasure hunt for them to complete certain community tasks.
Divide the teenagers into five groups.
Next, give them a list of tasks that they have to complete nearby, such as cleaning someone\'s backyard, watering someone\'s garden, shopping for any old couple living alone, etc.
Such activities for teenagers help to make them aware of the needs of others.
The team building game for teenagers is to make them stand in a circle.
Next, ask each of them to raise their right hand and use it to hold the right hand of the other two people, except the one standing on their direct side.
Once completed, instruct them to do the same with their left hand.
Now, you will see the formation of a network.
The rule is that teenagers must get out of the network without leaving the other party\'s hands.
When teenagers work together and come up with strategies to get rid of this \"hand net\", this interaction brings them closer as a group.
Divide the adults into two groups.
Next, draw a line and instruct the group to stand on both sides.
Give them a rope and all members of both teams have to catch it.
Once you whistle, both teams have to pull their opponents to their side by rope.
The group that was able to pull the other to their side was the winner.
Whether it\'s football, volleyball, basketball or dodgeball, it\'s the best outdoor team game for adults.
Adults like to play this structured sport, and at the same time, they make a huge contribution to team building.
You will surely enjoy the games mentioned here.
They enhance the unity of a group and teach individuals how to make strategies, which is an education and a good way to pass the time!
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