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fun team building activities for students outside - box fort, obstacle course, and balloon race

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
Organize team building activities for students outside to increase the participation and enjoyment of participants.
Along the way, valuable skills are picked up.
3 Interesting team building activities are discussed below.
Fort Box: this is an activity suitable for groups of eight to ten people.
Props need ten to twenty cartons.
Blindfolded the players.
Put the box near them.
Their task is to build a wall around the group with cartons.
The wall only needs a box high, but the group should be completely surrounded.
Allocate two or three minutes for this activity.
The wall should not have a gap large enough for one hand to pass through.
This game shows leaders and promotes cooperation among team members.
Obstacle course: create a team of two people.
Route obstacles in amusement parks or other outdoor areas.
One person in each group was blindfolded.
Team members are not allowed to engage with each other after this.
The person who is blindfolded must complete the obstacle course entirely on the instructions of his or her teammates.
Care must be taken to ensure that the obstacle route can be manipulated without an accident.
This is a good game for team building, learning to give and follow instructions and learn to trust your teammates.
Balloon Race: The number of players in each team should be equal.
Arrange a pair of barrels opposite each other, about 20 feet wide.
In each barrel of the starting line, place twelve balloons filled with water.
Each team lined up near a bucket on the starting line.
In order to play the game, the first person picked up the balloon in his mouth, ran to the bucket opposite, put the balloon inside, and then returned to the back of his team\'s team.
Once the first person picks up the balloon and starts running, the next person in line can do the same.
Of course, the goal is to put all the balloons into another bucket in the shortest possible time.
The game builds a team spirit and a competitive spirit.
These games require only limited resources and provide great fun in addition to a positive learning experience.
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