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funfair boss denies inflatable slide collapsed and eight injured children simply \'fell off the side\' despite parents\' claims there were 40 playing on it when maximum allowed is 12

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-09
Playground organizers who hired a slide denied that the inflatable slide collapsed and said they were just \"falling off the side \".
On Saturday, parents who took their children to Surrey Woking Park to watch the fireworks show claimed that 40 children were playing on giant inflatable toys --
When the rules stipulate that there are only 12 at a time.
Before eight injured young people were taken to the hospital, shocked witnesses saw the building \"Buck\" around eight o\'clock P. M \".
But despite parents claiming that the slide looked \"fragile\", the person who hired the car insisted it was \"driving until midnight \".
John Edwards of Edwards Entertainment told Sunit that it was not overcrowded and the children \"fell\" on the slide --
Not as specific as previously claimed.
\"There was no collapse,\" he said.
Never in millions of years.
It is still under investigation, but since they have been cleared in five minutes and there are only three entrances, there is absolutely no congestion.
It did not crash.
It\'s still around midnight.
\"The children were injured because they fell about 10 to 12 feet from the slide, about half --way up.
They fell to the bottom grass, and the grass was soft.
Edwards told the newspaper that he had not witnessed the incident, but reports of slide collapse were only \"speculation \".
Eight adolescents aged 6 to 10 were hospitalized for back and neck injuries.
Seven people were released overnight, but doctors were still watching on Sunday morning.
The organizers of the event said the opposite of parents\' complaints.
Andy Dyson, 23, said he saw as many as 40 children on the slide and he estimated that there were about 30 of them
The FT is high, although there are rules that say there should be a maximum of 12.
Earlier in the evening, we walked over the slide and said it looked unsafe.
At the very least, he says, it looks fragile.
There are too many children on it.
It looks like it can\'t hold so many people.
Oliver Temble told the BBC that the evacuation was announced through the active speakers by eight o\'clock P. M. when the fireworks were about to begin.
Shocked witnesses said that when the slides in Surrey Woking Park suddenly \"crowded\", they saw the children plunge into the concrete.
A parent named Carl told the BBC that he stopped his son from going on the slide because he was worried that his son would be injured.
He said, \"My son asked me, Dad, can I get a slide ? \"?
I looked at it and saw about 20 kids on it, and I said, you can\'t go there.
\"I thought someone would be hurt.
They will be kicked.
It looks dangerous.
My parents\' instincts inspired me.
On Sunday, the playground for families waiting to set off fireworks was blocked by police, and the collapsed slide was completely discouraged.
Police investigators with cameras are checking other attractions, including curved houses and Ferris wheels.
After the accident last night, the incident was closed and hundreds of people were evacuated.
A man and his wife and nine more. month-
The old son said: \"We heard the children screaming and then saw them start falling down from the side.
Another witness, Oliver Tempur, saw the victim being treated by a doctor, adding: \"This is a very terrible sight.
Others reported that the slide looked \"fragile and unsafe\" earlier \".
But despite the heavy casualties, some disgruntled attendees quickly requested a refund from social media.
Since then, they have deleted angry posts from other Twitter users.
Organizers of the local Rotary Club responded on Twitter: \"We are all very shocked and saddened by the event held at funfair this evening.
He said that the focus of our work is to assist the emergency department in handling injured children.
\"If you can forgive us, we will turn our attention to handling ticketing issues, etc. when possible?
The first aid workers said the men were injured in both the spine and neck and had broken their arms and legs.
Some people were taken to hospital by air ambulance.
The safety guide says no more than 12 people should take this size of inflatable toys at any time, but witnesses say more than three times as children are on the slide when it collapses.
23-year-old Andy Dyson saw up to 40 children on the inflatable car.
He said: \"We walked by earlier in the evening and it looked unsafe.
It looks fragile, to say the least.
There are too many children on it.
It looks like it can\'t hold so many people.
The terrible accident happened at 7: 00.
At twenty o\'clock P. M. in the afternoon, a playground was held at one of the biggest fireworks shows in Surrey, attracting about 12,000 spectators.
Surrey Police announced it was a \"major incident\" involving \"the number of people who fell off the inflatable slide \".
The unit added: \"There are many children who have been injured by falling off the slide.
Eight children have been taken to hospital and may be seriously injured.
We thank Woking\'s public for their understanding and assistance in the prompt evacuation of the site.
Musician Anna Neil is one of hundreds of people evacuated from the park, packed with families with young children waiting for a fireworks show. The 36-year-
The old man said: \"We saw all the blue lights, and then the air ambulance arrived.
We all evacuated very calmly.
Everyone was shocked.
She plans to take her 10-year-old and 6-year-old daughter on the huge slide after the fireworks.
\"I am very grateful to my children for not sticking to it. Let\'s say that.
Others described the consequences of the incident, and one of them said, \"The mood is very heavy . . . . . . Very quiet.
The other witnesses described the terrible incident and said, \"This is a terrible scene.
Many children have broken their arms and legs and are obviously scared.
\"I have seen an air ambulance arrive at the scene and at least one child has been flown to the holy city.
Doctors are on call at George Hospital in London.
Ambulances from various parts of Surrey were rushed to the scene of the accident. At least four of the seriously injured children were seriously injured and sent to St. Peter\'s Hospital in Chelsea City.
Surrey Police earlier said in a statement: \"We have announced a major event because some people were on the inflatable slide during the Woking Park fireworks display at about 7: 00.
30 this evening.
\"We call on anyone who has witnessed this incident, or who has a video or photo, to contact the Surrey police through 101 or Surrey. police.
Reference PR/P18262524.
The event is held at Woking Park on Kingfield Road.
At six o\'clock P. M. this evening, Gates opened the door for the event, and the fireworks show is scheduled to start around eight o\'clock P. M.
For a family that includes two adults and two children, the price of the event ticket is £ 12, which is for attendees who buy tickets online in advance.
Organized by the spinning club in the Woking District, the \"fireworks gala\" is considered one of the best fireworks shows in the southeast, and the events held in the past in Woking are the most popular.
Social media users are eager for their support and one user, Roy Cooper, said: \"I sincerely hope that the injury will not be too serious.
At that time, my grandson was on the inflatable device next to the accident.
I haven\'t seen so many ambulances.
All concerned families have ideas.
\"Jitkakad\" was released: \"Just saw an air ambulance hovering over the park --
Just hope that those injured will be taken care of as soon as possible.
Many users expressed their voices through social media after being evacuated.
Wish to those injured in the incident.
Once the user \"ann\" wrote on Twitter: \"The idea of all people crashed due to the playground ride, so just evacuated from the fireworks.
\"Other users have expressed antipathy to other attendees who have asked a user,\" chris young \", for a refund and marked them as scum.
He said: \"Just search for \'woking fireworks\' on Twitter.
You will see scum asking for a refund.
He also added: \"When children are seriously injured, it is simply shocking that people\'s minds go straight to money.
\"We don\'t care about getting the money back, we just want all the people involved to be okay.
Continue to do the work well.
Tim Noble says these people are \"failures of human society \".
He said in reply to a thread: for the woman who did not get a refund, you are a failure of human society, and we stop to hear you say it\'s not your fault, it\'s not your problem I would be seriously hurt if not worse, all you care about is your family ticket.
\"Tom McLoughlin said that money should not be brought back now or at all . \"
\"Helen\" said in reply to the Post: \"omg, it is shocking that people ask for a refund at such a time. . . .
Taylor Anthony Groves said other users suggested that they could donate the refund amount to someone affected by the incident. \"People are unforgivable!
I will donate my £ 12 to the affected family or air ambulance if you don\'t mind.
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