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funny place for kids

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
Do you think it\'s hard to find a place for kids to have fun on weekends?
Now, the fun inflatable slide can be a great choice for you.
The fun inflatable slide is 8 m long, 6 m wide and 5 m wide. Height of 5 m.
It\'s big enough for 5 to 8 kids to play in.
Children can have an interaction and develop their communication skills.
There are several parts of the fun inflatable slide.
There are slides, climbing walls and obstacles.
Entering the entrance, the children can climb to the top of the slide.
They can climb up by the foot of the mountain. the foot of the mountain is strong enough.
After taxiing, the slide will lead the children into the obstacle course.
There is a cave under the slide.
Children have to go through the bar before going to the cave.
After climbing the cave, there is another bar to stop the children.
Kids need to go through the bar again and then, they will go back to the entrance and start their next trip. We use the 0.
The 55mm pvc tarp makes up an interesting inflatable slide.
High durability and tear strength.
In the process of children playing, they may be crazy enough to scratch the waterproof cloth.
The TARP can withstand this scratch.
We also did some reinforcement of the mat between the wall and the base.
It can withstand the ability of the children to bounce.
Outdoor exercise is good for health.
Circulating air can avoid the spread of disease.
This product can be placed outdoors.
Its material is excellent UV-
Cold cold weather, waterproof.
Don\'t worry about putting it outside in the changeable weather.
In public places, the most important concern of parents is hygiene.
Basically, if cleaned frequently, it is much cleaner than not.
If you don\'t have much time to clean it, the fun inflatable slide can share your work.
The TARP is specially treated.
They can resist mildew.
This means that you can wash it after a long time and will not cause health problems.
It doesn\'t matter if you don\'t relax and clean as much fun inflatable as possible.
Because this tarpaulin is printed with beautiful paint, the color will not fade in ordinary washing.
If you want to have a party or start a rental business, the fun inflatable slide is a great choice for you and the kids.
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