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galaxy slide with rock wall

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-07
Unique slides for some unique kids.
Not only is this slide interesting, but the cliff is much faster to wear than a regular ladder.
The kids got some much needed workout and I didn\'t need to see an ugly yellow slide in my backyard.
My husband and I bought an old play.
Really cheap ($25)
The only problem is that we have to take it down ourselves.
We don\'t think the deal is bad until we actually get there.
The only thing worth keeping is the slide ($175 new)
And plastic stones on the wall.
Still, the status of the two of them is still very bad and needs to be patched.
So I looked up the different art of painting and found space painting.
The painting style does not require high supplies.
The most expensive product is a ventilation mask that allows you to run around $20$30. Spray paint-
I used Krylon Fusion made of plastic.
Paint must be painted. 4-Black 1-Yellow 1-Blue 1-Red 1-White 3-
For a wide variety of circular objects, they need to have a very thin edge, only the edge must touch the paper when it is put down.
These objects will only be used in your exercise, tape on the slide. Old magazine (
Need glossy paper)
Blue disposable gloves painter tape works best.
Exacto knife or rotary knife and
Or other heavy cleaning agents)
Tarp or old sheet2-
2 \"x 4\" x6 \'pressure treatment wood6-
1 \"x6\" x8\' pressure treated wood or 2-1\"x6\"x8\' and 2-1\"x6\"x10\'2-
4 \"x 4\" x8\' pressure treatment wood1-9\' Rope1-bag of gravel2-
Bolt w/washers48-2\" screws18-
4 \"with 1/2\" bitSlideLevelRock hand hole excavator and/or screwsMiter sawsaw or jigsaw for shovelEven, brand new slide requires good scrubbing to remove
I wear thick gloves and use steel wool and Simple Green to remove dirt, dirt and yellow honeycomb for years (scary)from the slide.
Polish and rinse any uneven spots with a hose.
Let dry and then wipe the whole slide down object with paint thinners to remove any residue from the cleaner.
There must be a well ventilated area for this project.
The smoke is very big and you should wear a mask as well.
Even in my garage, the door was open and let me swim.
Put down your TARP and build a place where you can practice your technology.
Before you start, you need to spray paint round objects, and disposable gloves remove all hats from the painting.
I forgot to do this for the first time and ended up ruining my first exercise song.
For the purpose of this explanation, I will not explain more basic knowledge.
I learn how to watch some rough videos on youtube.
If you would like to learn more about this unique art form, you may want to look it up on instructures.
Start with a shiny poster.
This is very important because it slows down the drying time of the painting.
Picture 1 determines where you want your planet to be.
Spray your light color first, then follow the dark color.
Lay on a piece of magazine paper, press it gently and pull it down immediately.
Repeat with other planets.
Picture 2 decides where your light source will be even if you are not going to have the sun in your drawing.
Opposite the light source, draw a black arc on the planet as a shadow.
Picture 3 place your circle and spray the rest of the poster board black.
Spray White at your fingertips and flick to create stars.
Spray red, blue and yellow with a whip and look like an aurora.
Picture 4 Remove the circle and spray a transparent coat.
Start at the bottom and side of the slide.
You may decide not to apply a full coat of paint on the bottom as it will not be noticed.
Wait at least 30 minutes before flipping the slide.
According to the slides, you can add \"racing stripes\" as I did \".
Paint where you want the stripes and dry for 30 minutes.
Cover the stripes with blue painter tape.
The normal use of the magazine page makes the texture of the planet not work with the plastic of the slide.
I find that using your hand, with your fingers combined in a sweep action, creates a very good texture, but you have to change the gloves after each planet so you are
Tapping the paint repeatedly with a flat hand also creates interesting surface textures.
Remember, make this circle bigger than you want.
Use black paint to create shadows on the dark side of the Earth.
Measure the diameter of your planet for the next step and let everything dry.
I\'m sure there\'s a better way to go next, but it\'s cheap and not hard to achieve.
You can\'t cover the planet with normal circles as you would on paper, because it\'s a 3D surface.
The painter can bend along all the curves.
Starting with cutting pads or very clean cutting boards, lay out overlapping blue tape to form solid paper.
Overlap the tape so that it doesn\'t break apart when you cut the tape.
Use the compass, or find a bowl or plate of the size you need and draw a circle around it.
Use the Exacto knife or rotary knife to carefully cut your circle and remember that your final planet looks as good as you cut it out.
You only need a half circle for the Sun.
Place your circle on your now dry planet.
Take the time to make sure the edges are sealed and ready for magic.
Now that all the planets are covered, the slides can now be completely covered in black.
It took two pieces of clothes in a uniform color.
Spray a wisp of red, blue and yellow to give the feeling of Aurora.
Spray some white paint on your hand and flick your finger to simulate the stars.
Once you\'re happy with your look, remove your tape rings and racing stripes and see your masterpiece :).
Gently spray red and yellow around the sun and look like sunspots.
I put on a four-story transparent coat and started digging my hole for the baby to use.
Cut your 4x4x8 to 7ft and spray the bottom 2ft using plasma.
Cut 30 ° angle from both ends of 2x4 and spray the bottom 6 in with plasma.
Cut 65 ° angle at 70in.
Your board should look like a slender ladder.
You can buy two 8ft boards and two 10ft boards or five 8ft boards. Cut List1. 28, 28, 40 -8ft2. 30, 32, 34 -8ft3. 44, 46, 26 -10ft4. 36, 38, 42 -10ftOr1. 28, 28, 402. 30, 32, 343. 44, 464. 26, 365.
38 and 42 dig two holes with a depth of 28 \", a ø 12\" and a distance of 20 \"from the center point.
To help drain, fill the hole with 4 \"gravel, so the final depth is 2 \'.
Place your post and height before filling the hole.
Be sure to wrap up the dirty things.
Center the slide and mark the hole.
Drill with 5/16 in bit.
Bolt down the slide
Place columns for rock walls.
They will be too high, so you have to dig small holes where they come into contact with the ground.
Screw the column with 4in screws and fill the holes.
It may be easier to connect these from the bottom, but I start at the top to make sure there is a tight connection.
I used a box for Nintendo DS as an interval.
This happens to be the perfect 1/2 I need.
Use four 2in screws on each board.
Wait until you fasten the rope and put the last plank in.
You may need to dig a little bit at the bottom to place the last plank.
Use the 1/2 in drill bit to make a hole in the top plate (see picture 1)
Put the rope through it.
Knot at the end of the rope and attach it to the support column using the 4in screw.
Tie the rope every 12 to 18.
Attach the rope to the bottom plate, leave as much slack as possible, and then attach the board to the column.
Put your stone on the board.
Mark the hole with a pencil and then use the appropriate drill size (I used 5/16in).
Connect the rock with bolts.
Clean up the dust and debris that may be collected on the slide.
Let it dry and wax it with ordinary car wax.
This will give you a good shine on your slide and will help protect it from scratches.
It\'s time to relax and let the kids play! !
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