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germany\\\'s arriba water park to segregate men and …

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
A water park in Germany has had two sex attacks by immigrants, which announced plans to isolate men and women.
The plan will include banning men and teenage boys from allowing only women, girls and very young boys to enter the waterslide at certain times.
A few days ago, the police arrested two asylum seekers from Afghanistan because they had two girls on the slide at Arriba water park in Schleswig Norderstedt. Hollywood region
Girls aged 14 and 18 have been using water slides, but their attackers, both 14 and 34, have been waiting for them at the bottom and then sexually assaulted them
The accused was detained because the prosecutor said the degree of sexual assault was so serious that there was reason to file a rape charge.
Prior to that, the amusement park was at the center of similar problems last summer, when four teenagers aged 15 and 17 were also harassed on slides by a group of asylum seekers.
The seven boys blocked the slide with their rubber rings and then started fumbling for the girl on their breasts and placing their hands between their legs.
At that time, Ruud Swaen, the owner of the 55-year-old Ariba, said he regretted what had happened and added: \"We will do everything we can
However, the measures did not prevent the attacks on the two teenagers in February, although there was still no ban on asylum seekers in the water park.
Instead, they promised to isolate men and women on slides at certain times and install more security cameras outside of the 48 cameras already in use.
They also hired plainclothes safety officers, dressed in swimsuits, and looked like other tourists who would patrol the swimming pool and use the slides.
Germany spent thousands of pounds distributing posters for asylum seekers in multiple languages to inform them of the right behaviour towards women.
The local pool has become the focus of efforts to educate new arrivals to respect women and girls, even if they are wearing swimsuits.
According to reports, several attacks have taken place in these places in Germany, where an Iraqi asylum seeker awaits trial for brutally raping a young boy in the pool locker room in neighboring Austria.
On New Year\'s Eve, hundreds of women in Cologne were attacked on a massive scale, roaming migrants sexually assaulted and robbed them, and Germany remained nervous.
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