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ghmc pools to open from march 3, register online

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-04
Pool will reopen at GHMC
Starting from March 3, interested people can register their names online via www. ghmc. gov. in/Sports.
Swimming pool and-Responsible person-
Main pool-K. Venkat Reddy (9866752267)
Swimming pool, swimming poolSaleem (9440955888)
The main swimming pool in Baradari-Syed Iqbal (9885204787)
, Main swimming pool in sanatarh-O. Veeranand (9100910867)
, Main swimming pool Secunderabad-K. Srinivas (9701362844)
Colonial main swimming pool in Nagar-G. Umesh (959552446)
And Moghalpura main simming poolSudershan (9701230012)
A press release said.
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