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giant beach ball

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-23
Beach balls are great for kids or anyone who just want to play fun casual games at the beach or pool.
Due to their light weight and easy to carry, they can turn the day on the beach into fun and games within seconds of the blast.
They are especially good for children because they are not moving fast in the air and it doesn\'t hurt if someone hits you.
But multiply your average beach ball by five times and you get something completely different.
A huge beach ball can reach 10 feet in diameter, which is really worth seeing.
You may have seen one of them at a concert or sporting event and they cannot be missed as you can see them from across the stadium. Huge inflatable balloons are not easy to find, but you can buy them online or in a specialty store.
Since the size is very large, you need an air pump to blow it up unless you want to sit there panting.
This is not recommended!
Once all the energy is exhausted, you want to save all the energy to have fun.
You can also get inflatable balloons that are smaller, more practical and more interesting.
There are three to 5 feet balls of the right size on the beach to play volleyball.
This will make your game fun and less serious as playing inflatable beach balls is much easier than playing regular volleyball.
It floats slower in the air and gives you more time to touch it.
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