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giant inflatable santa breaks free to hold up traffic

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-08
The driver found himself trapped in a long ho-ho-
Please stay when a huge inflatable Santa lands on a busy road.
The floating Santa Claus broke away from the berth and drifted to Cromwell Road in Westbeck, cam county, blocking at around 13: 30 GMT.
Taxi driver Mohammed Farid photographed the injured Santa Claus with his camera while waiting in line.
\"This is one of the more unusual reasons for traffic jams,\" he said . \".
Traffic warnings issued by the AA said the road was \"partially blocked\"
Slow traffic due to a large inflatable Santa on B198 Cromwell Road
Father, Mr. Farid-of-
Three people from Peterborough said that the giant Santa Claus broke free from the front garden of a house on Cromwell Road.
\"I saw it shake a bit and walked up the road --
It does smile.
\"He said that as he passed the scene, two men were trying to pull the inflatable device down the driveway.
\"It\'s big, bigger than my 7 th --
\"He said.
The road was reopened later.
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