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giant obstacle course: dad builds awesome adventure for his kids (watch)

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
If you are a dad who happens to be obsessed with Wipeout, this TV show describes the process of people trying to conquer super slippery obstacles, what logical steps should you take in the summer, why, of course, make your child a huge obstacle course to pay tribute to the show.
Mike \"Crazy Legs\" Conley, a resident of Brooklyn, Ontario, who appeared on Wikipedia, Canada last season, created a huge obstacle course for children near him this summer
Especially his own children.
When he wrote on his blog: \"After playing around with the idea for about 4 months, I finally promised to build a new super
The size of children\'s courses.
On Saturday, August 11, the entire community gathered to celebrate the Wipeout Children\'s Day and to attend the 90-course dish I built on the street.
The children are ecstatic and smile all day long! !
He told ABC News: \"It was the audition tape he recorded for the TV show that inspired reality. \"We made [
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\"To impress the producers, then it takes off like a virus,\" Conley said . \".
\"I just thought, \'If there are so many points of view, imagine if I designed a real course \', although it seems to be a no doubt about the propaganda of the eliminated children, it also achieves the goal of making Conley an absolute hero in the community in the coming months.
It\'s hard to argue with his message: \"Parents: find time to leave the office early, drop your smartphone, turn off your TV, and go out and create memories with your children.
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