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girl dies after being thrown from \'exploding\' bouncy castle

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-08
A child died after being thrown out of an inflatable castle, which witnesses say exploded on Norfolk beach.
At about 11: 00, the girl was thrown out of an inflatable toy on Gorleston beach, and the paramedics took her to James Paget Hospital, but she died of injuries.
Norfolk Police have blocked part of the beach where people are busy enjoying the hot weather and are starting to investigate.
Inflatable toys are on the lower floor of the children\'s play area.
Witnesses said the child was thrown into the air after the explosion.
Eastern England Ambulance Service Trust (EEAST)
Said it had received a dozen calls from several people, including RNLI, to help the girl.
When the girl\'s heart stopped fighting, the medical staff arrived at the scene within four minutes, and then she died.
You may also be interested: A spokeswoman for EEAST said: \"We would like to thank all those who responded in a hurry to this young patient and do everything possible to give her treatment and care.
At this time, our thoughts are with our family.
\"An investigation involving the health and security sector, local authorities and the police is under way.
Gorleston, located near Greater Yarmouth, is a family-friendly beach destination hosting the filming of a new Oscar film on Wednesday --
Award winning director Danny Boyle
Brandon Lewis, a member of the Greater Yarmouth, said on Twitter: \"very tragic, family and friends have ideas, very sad.
\"Earlier this month, two playground workers were jailed for manslaughter after an inflatable castle was blown up by seven people --year-
Old Summer Grant in Essex in March 2016.
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