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girl dies from bouncy castle incident — and she\'s not the only child to die this way

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-05
A 3-year-
The little girl died after being thrown out of the inflatable castle at 11. m.
Sunday at Golston beach in Norfolk, England.
Witnesses to the young girl Ava said
Mei little boy, after the inflatable castle she played exploded in the heat, was fired into 20 feet of the air.
Civilians and members of the Royal National Life Boats Association rushed to perform CPR and she was taken away by ambulance services in Eastern England (EEAST)
She was injured in the hospital.
A spokeswoman for EEAST told the Guardian: \"Several of our teams have been dispatched and the first team arrived at the scene in four minutes.
The young woman was seriously injured when we arrived, the heartbeat stopped, and was taken to James Paget Hospital.
\"Sadly, she was declared dead despite all the effort and intervention.
\"We would like to thank all the people who responded to this young patient and do everything possible to give her treatment and care.
At this time, our thoughts are with our family. ”Ava-
At the time of the incident, May\'s mother, Chloe young boy, 25, was with her. Ava-
Mei\'s family called her \"a little girl who loves life \".
Norfolk Police issued the following statement from the victim\'s family: \"She is not your regular little girl, and as with anyone she meets, she will leave a lasting impression.
None of the people who met her wanted to forget her.
Even in the darkest room, her infectious laughter and smile lit up everything.
She is a little girl who loves life.
\"A lot of people are blessing the family. Ava-
May\'s aunt Abbie shared on Facebook that the family wants to receive donations so that a park bench can be set up in Ava\'s ParkMay’s memory.
However, this is not the first incident involving an inflatable castle.
Two years ago, a 7-year-
In Harlow, England, an old girl was blown away because the playground staff did not properly protect the inflatable house and died after the explosion of the inflatable castle she was playing.
The judge said Grant\'s death in the summer was \"completely preventable\" and the workers were convicted of manslaughter.
Earlier this year, another inflatable castle was driven by strong winds and 7-year-
The old boy was killed.
In a terrible video shared on Facebook, a father witnessed his son slipping away from the mat of an inflatable fun house. “He could [have]
Brendon Ramboudwroteon said on Facebook.
\"I had to tear off the cover and all I could see was [his]
So I grabbed it and pulled him out. If I [hadn’t]
They won\'t [see this [have]
Before they found him. packed]
Put it away.
You can\'t even hear him screaming under the mat.
\"Two young boys were seriously injured after gusts blew 50-foot resilient houses in the S air. Glens Falls (Pic: @poststar)pic. twitter. com/tJkEORafY7—
What WNYT NewsChannel is going to take (@WNYT)
According to US data, May 13, 2014K.
The youth organization Boys Brigade injured about 10,000 people in the United States. K.
Every year, this is definitely something to consider before you allow your child to play together.
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