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girl killed after bouncy castle ‘explodes in heat’

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-09
Yesterday, a young girl was thrown out of an inflatable castle and witnesses said she exploded in hot weather.
The about four-year-old is thought to have jumped on the blue inflatable toy as it exploded and let her fly to \"30 feet in the air \".
She landed on the seriously injured beach, and her heart was said to have stopped.
She was taken to the hospital by an ambulance worker, where she died.
Last night, after the Gorleston incident near Greater Yarmouth, Norfolk, professional police have been supporting the girl\'s parents.
A spokeswoman said: \"At about 11: 00, the police were asked to lower the coastal area.
It is reported that a child was thrown out from the inflatable castle at fifteen o\'clock A. M.
The girl was taken to James Paget Hospital.
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