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girl sickened by amoeba returns to ark. water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
Little rock Ark. (AP)—A 12-year-
On Monday, an old girl who was infected with a rare brain infection at a water park in Arkansas returned to the scene.
She came back for the first time since she was ill.
To help the owner announce a welfare fishing tournament for her later this month.
Kali Hardig was diagnosed in July with a parasitic runny brain called primary amoeba meningo inflammation, and although it is usually fatal, she received it at the Arkansas Children\'s Hospital.
\"There\'s nothing bad about it,\" said Kali\'s mother, Traci Hardig, who announced the benefit at Willow Springs Water Park with her daughter. \"They (
Water park owners)
Just like us, it\'s just a family.
This is their livelihood.
Just come out here.
It is OK to support them.
After Kali\'s disease was diagnosed as brain-inducedeating, water-
Amoeba named Naegleria fowleri, water park owners David and Lou Ann Ratliff close the beach
Only when they can afford the cement base will they reopen, he said.
State health officials said another case of parasitic brain circulation in 2010 could be linked to a water park south of Little Rock.
Amoeba is usually found in warm fresh water such as lakes, rivers and hot springs.
It reaches the brain after contaminated water is sucked through the nose, although health officials say the situation is very rare, with one of about 33 million people infected with the disease.
Before the press conference on Monday, Kali-
People who pronounce KAY \'-lee —
A man walked quietly to the lake.
\"I\'m proud of her,\" said Traci Hardig . \" Her daughter stood there looking at the water.
This moment is not so dramatic for Kali.
\"I\'m just looking for fish,\" she said . \"
David Ratcliffe says he will store 1 to 12 pounds of catfish for the lake in the October s. 26 tournament.
The entrance fee is $20 in advance, $25 on the day of the event, and the proceeds will be donated to Kali and her family.
The park will also host carnival games for the fall festival held in conjunction with the tournament.
\"Swimming will still stop,\" Ratcliffe said. limits.
RVs and storage connections will be provided for these vehicles, vessels and campers.
Traci Hardig said Kali continued to receive physical, language and occupational therapy during school.
The girl did not appear to have been tortured by her, for which she was hospitalized until September.
She made it very clear, and the movements were smooth. She also said that she had made a carousel on the weekend.
Kali says it feels good to go back to Willow Springs.
\"I like to have fun here,\" she said . \"
\"My friends and I had a great time here. \"The 85-year-
The old Park has long been a destination for school field trips and family entertainment.
Kali\'s mother says she hasn\'t forgotten how lucky she is to have her daughter.
\"I am very confident about this,\" said Traci Hardig . \".
\"I think I got a miracle.
\"Health officials say between 1962 and 128, 2012 reported infections like Cali.
Before Kali, doctors could only point out a known survivor in the United States. S.
And one in Mexico.
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