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gm\'s recall of mid-sized pickups affects 2,432 vehicles in u.s., canada

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-04
DETROIT (Reuters)-
General Motors Corporation (GM. N)
Last Friday, the company recalled more than 2,400 of its new mid-
Small pickup trucks in the United States and Canada have solved the previously announced airbag problem. The No. 1 U. S.
Automakers have announced significant recalls this year, mainly due to faulty ignition switches that could cause them to slide out of position and cut off the power of airbags, steering and brakes.
Those defective switches that caused the recall of 2 units.
In February, 6 million vehicles were linked to the death of at least 36 people.
GM told dealers in October to stop selling the newly launched 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickup trucks to solve the airbag wiring problem.
At that time, it did not state how many vehicles were affected, nor did it elaborate on the exact problem.
GM said in a document posted online on FridayS.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 2,432 trucks have been affected.
They contain drive airbag connections that are not properly connected during manufacturing, which affects two-
The stage airbag system is realized by reversing the deployment sequence and interrupting the time of the driver\'s airbag phase.
This issue will result in the driver\'s airbag not working as designed and potentially increasing the risk of injury.
GM found the problem on Sept.
During the testing of the company\'s technicians.
Dealers are re-programming inflatable constraint sensing and diagnostic modules for customers for free.
A gm spokesman said more than 70% of the recalled trucks have been repaired and there are no reports of crashes or injuries related to the problem.
A gm spokesman said 2,283 of the affected trucks were in the United States and 149 were in Canada.
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