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great wolf lodge delivers water park fun with 0% chance of weather

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
When I walked into the indoor water park at the new Wolf Inn near Disneyland, the first thing I noticed was the temperature: a constant 84 degrees Fahrenheit.
Don\'t worry about sunburn or apply sunscreen.
No towels-
Because the temperature of the water is also 84 degrees Fahrenheit.
I will never feel cold
Unless I walk outside.
Winter air, where there is a small water play area for visitors from cold areas who think 72 degrees is a hot summer.
On the weekend, I spent the day at the Wolf Inn indoor water park, and the New Garden Grove Hotel, about a mile from Disneyland, celebrated its grand opening.
I have a central question upon arrival: why is it here?
Wolf operates a water park hotel in North America, mainly located in Frost bands.
I can understand why people in Michigan or Kansas might want to slip to a man.
Created a tropical paradise for the weekend, but why is the wolf building a water park hotel in sunny Southern California?
The answer became clear when I stood inside the perfect interior of climate control in the indoor water park.
A year in Southern California
Even in the early days, we won\'t go to the outdoor water park. Or at 9 a. m. or 9 p. m.
But the sun in the Wolf hotel never fell.
There is no heat wave, thunderstorm, windy or cloudy sky under the huge sloping roof.
No matter how uncooperative Mother Nature is outside, the weather inside is always perfect.
I expect 1/2-
The acres of indoor water park are overcrowded and there is a snake\'s nest in the space of about two football fields.
The opposite.
The spacious and comfortable layout pushes all water activities to 75-foot-tall hangar-
Like the structure, leave enough space in the middle of the towering space to rest and circulate.
Another revelation is the relatively short route of water slides and attractions.
Because the wolf had limited access to hotel guests, the water park had never felt crowded.
I\'m six first.
The story tower consists of 10 water slides, several of which pass through the walls of the building and dramatically stretch out along the Harbor Avenue. The four-
Before the emerging side, lane mat racer sent the driver into a separate tunnelby-
Splash finished sides.
As the tunnel briefly exits and re-enters the building, daylight passes through the pipe slide and the family raft.
The spiral sink rotated my inner tube and then left me behind in the toilet final.
What I\'m most excited about is trying the Wolf Tail slide starting with the pulse
Release the door floor before falling to 360
Flat ring.
Looking at one rider after another in the glasscoffin-
Just like the launch capsule suddenly disappeared before my eyes gave me a second thought.
As the heartbeat audio and countdown announcement went into the capsule, it increased my excitement.
But in the end, this expectation is far more than the experience that lasts less than 10 seconds and cannot satisfy this accumulation.
My favorite slide on the tower is Holin\'s tornado funnel, the iconic attraction of the Wolf Inn, hovering on Port Avenue like a lighthouse for those looking for fun. The near-
Vertical insert funnel is as shocking as thrilling
Especially when the rear drop on the fly inner tire.
Judging from the route of the Haolin tornado, this is the most popular trip to the water park.
The tower is divided into two floors, with seven slides on the fourth floor.
Story level and three in the sixth gradestory level.
But there is only one line per level, which leads to a lot of confusion, wasting the time waiting behind people when slides are not used.
However, the delay does not matter because I have never waited for more than 10 minutes of slides.
The capacity of the hotel was about 60% during my visit, so on a busy day, the waiting time could be a little longer.
But overall, I found that the crowd was well spaced and the waiting time was short.
Next is the curved Creek lazy river, which is short according to the standards of outdoor water park.
But how long do you really need a lazy river?
You can walk around before you are full.
I was surprised that the lazy river had only about 20 inner tubes, and this well thought out decision was clearly made to reduce traffic jams on relatively short waterways.
The first time I turned around the lazy river without an inner tube, floating quickly and effortlessly on my back, it was surprisingly interesting.
On my next trip I found a raft and before I finished I lazily floated on the winding track twice.
The Slap Tail pool is probably the biggest disappointment of the day.
The wave pool is naturally smaller than the outdoor water park, but the real problem is that the water level only reaches my waist at the deepest level.
The water park is obviously pre-built. teen crowd.
This hotel is almost entirely occupied by families with children under the age of 4to 12-year-old range.
The nearby children\'s area provides mini slides and a pool in the shallow splash area for the youngest children.
I \'ve been looking forward to the wolf Knight Wipeout, which will be the first chance to try and use the ocean surf simulatorlike waves.
So far, Wipeout has the longest line of the day, mainly because it can only ride one person at a time.
It took me 20 minutes to line up to watch a boogie boarding experience that looked exciting.
Some of the bolder dads and teenage boys try to surf something that looks like a skateboard --The size of the surfboard.
The constant flow of water forms a thin layer of water for the rider to pass along.
It was really exciting from the sidelines, but I found the actual experience as fun as standing on the mobile walkway at the airport.
When the water rushes under me, this ride is only equivalent to lying on the Bukit board.
The last corner of the water park is packed with activity pools.
The square basketball that just came out of the dunk area provides endless fun.
20 soft, resilient basketball, they don\'t hurt you if they hit your head, they keep flying up from three in the air --point range.
Nearby, a pair of Lily mat courses arranged under the cargo net proved to be very simple for agile 6year-
The Old Man and the frustrating middle are impossible-
Old people like me
I don\'t believe it very much, and I hit the water repeatedly.
My last stop of the day was the game tower on the waters of the marquee Castle, with a huge tip bucket in the middle of the water park.
There is a countdown every 4 minutes for the kids to race for the spewing 100
Gallons splashed.
The suspension bridge and cargo mesh cause four disappointing body slides with few zippers or excitement.
I spent most of my time shooting with a cannon in my 50 s. foot-
Under the range of parents and children who are unsuspecting.
Since the first announcement of the project in 2010, in the projectdelayed $300-million woodsy-
The theme Wolf Inn is California\'s first indoor water park and the largest hotel in the chain.
600 suites at Garden Grove, which varies from $250 to $600 per night depending on the season, have a comfortable cabin design with wilderness and outdoor themes.
This place is like a children\'s casino.
There are several floors, video arcade, mini golf course, live
Action adventure games, exciting rides, pints-
Bowling, nail art for kids, treasure hunt, bedtime stories, and of course 105,000square-Water park on foot.
Wolf operates 12 other water park hotels in colder North America
As a fun wheel destination for \"wind and rain. Wisconsin-
The hotel chain has built several hotels near the theme park and the water park, including places near Cedar Point Ohio and King\'s Island, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia, and schlitba, Kansas City.
The first wolf Inn opened in Wisconsin on 1997. Dells is a small town in Wisconsin with 18 water parks, claiming to be the capital of the world water park \".
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