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greater safety in playgrounds with rubber playground tiles

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
Many of us grew up playing on the playground when we were young.
It was a different time, in the summer, you can go from sunrise to sunset without supervision, take a break, just to have a refreshing cup of water from the garden hose.
The situation is very different these days, and in general, the same is true of changes in playground safety.
Today, more than 80% of public playgrounds have some kind of protective surface around the equipment.
The playground in the backyard is very different.
Only about 9% of the home backyard playground has any protective surface and most of the playground has only grass or dirt.
According to US media reportsS.
Commission on Consumer Product Safety (CPSC)
This has injured 69% people in the backyard playground every year and injured more than 50,000.
Most of these injuries can be prevented by using some form of playground tiles or other protective surfaces.
You can use multiple types of surfaces to help protect your child.
Sand is not recommended because children can track the sand everywhere, remove the sand from the equipment area and put the sand in their eyes.
The wood cover is better, but it needs constant maintenance and replenishment of the cover, otherwise there will be a low area/bald roof where the child is injured.
Rubber covers or rubber particles are much better in terms of buffering and protection, but these covers have the same problem as sand or wood covers --
They can also be tracked from equipment or dangerous areas.
The use of rubber playground tiles, also known as playground mats, may be the best protective surface.
Rubber playground tiles are great as you can get many different thicknesses from 1 \"to 4 1/4.
This is great because the CPSC has a statistic called \"critical height of playground equipment\" which is the highest point children can reach on any playground equipment.
Once you know the critical height, you can calculate the thickness of the playground tiles or coverings needed for the area.
There are also holes in the bottom of the rubber playground tiles, so they can be placed on almost any surface.
You can get tiles of different colors to fit the color scheme of the playground or make beautiful designs.
They are also eco-friendly, made of recycled rubber.
Their edges are interlocking and therefore easy to install, the rubber material is breathable and not easy to damage.
However, if some tiles do get damaged or worn out, you can simply replace a part of the tile or tile.
When assembling the tiles, use a small amount of strong adhesive to connect the tiles so that the children are unable to pry the tiles open.
Because there was no pool of water, the water quickly dried up.
Finally, these rubber tiles can be purchased with bright primary colors that many children like.
This protective surface treatment can greatly reduce more serious injuries such as scratches, wounds, bruises, and even fractures and concussion.
For these reasons, and more, you should check the safety playground tiles for your public or backyard playground!
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