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gyms: the next generation : exercise: ready for spinning? obstacle courses? a holistic approach? be prepared, fitness fans. these innovations may be coming soon to a club near you.

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
There are 8 million ways of sports in Naked City. High-
Low impact aerobic exercise
The impact of aerobic exercise, high/low-
Shock aerobic exercise, step circuit, power step, power Dance, water aerobic exercise, country-
Western aerobics, hip
Aerobic exercise, aerobic exercisefunk, power-
Funk, strength training, stairs
Climbing machine, fitness bike, treadmill, kickboxing, in-
Roller skating, yoga, Pilates and spinning.
It turns into calories.
Burning sports is just thinking about all the fitness options available now.
But that\'s nothing compared to the next wave: Barrier classes, a la \"American Gladiator\" designed to be assembled within a fitness club \";
Slide on the side of the simulation-to-
Sideslip movements of speed skaters
Courses combining cardiovascular and strength training;
Stress relief exercises with yoga techniques;
Cardio classes full of multicultural dance and music, as well as exercises that combine motivation and visualization techniques to maximize the benefits of exercise.
Kathie Davis, executive director of IDEA, said: \"Our industry is similar to the computer industry because changes are happening so fast now because people are so interested in fitness,\" San Diego hotel-
Headquartered in the International Association.
Fitness Professionals.
\"Consumers are also much more educated than they were 10 years ago.
Coupled with the fact that consumers always want something new and different, this puts pressure on the industry.
\"There may not be any more places to feel this stress than in Los Angeles, where the gym is rushing to keep up with the latest.
When mambo cardio and skiing are already considered out of date, you know you are in a serious trend zone.
So, what could be the gym near you?
Here are some innovations: * The Reebok track: a new \"American Gladiator\" came from Kim Miller, the woman who gave us the cardio \"--
\"Style barrier course\" for fitness clubs \". The 21-
Station circuits include crawling
Push through the tunnel
Stand up, chin up-
Sit-ups, jump rope, horizontal maze, squat Sprint, sit-ups in the abdomen, stairs
Mountain climbing and Monkey Bar.
Activities are timed and participants and other students are encouraged to compete against each other.
Small, medium and large ready-to-wear designs by Millerto-
Install classes for the fitness club.
* Slides: This device has been in existence for several years but has not been widely accepted yet.
As more companies roll out various versions of the-
Use the home and gym. Sliding--
Also known as lateral training-
Use rectangular plastic with bumper on both ends.
Participants wore short boots on sneakers and arranged their movements from one side to the other, a bit like speed skaters.
Slides mainly function in the outer thigh muscles.
* Other gadgets that may make their debut soon are built-in steps
In the pulley for resistance training, the weighted step for the pool and the weighted ball for stretching and resistance training.
* Nike is launching a \"full body adjustment\" course that combines strength exercises and lateral movements with dance aerobics.
The version of Reebok, known as the \"Step Circuit training program\", combines step, strength training, and flexibility in one training session.
The coach will be trained.
* We may see elements of boxing and martial arts incorporated into cardiovascular exercise.
Women have just discovered that boxing is great for increasing the upper body.
Physical strength, they don\'t need to play with Oscar De La Hoya to get a good workout.
* Rotation: Do not confuse with the teacup rides at Disneyland, the rotation was developed by Johnny G. (for \"Goldberg\")
He is a competitive cyclist and personal trainer who invented a special stationary bike for this classroom project.
In the classroom, students ride bicycles while teachers use incentive and visualization techniques to simulate courses including mountains and sprints.
At the Voight Fitness Center in Los Angeles, spinning is about to make its debut at other clubs.
Technical rotary faucet-self-
Motivation, visualization-
Olympic Games and professional athletes have been used for many years.
Some people refer to rotation as an example of \"mind\"
Body connection, \"it\'s hot--if vague--
Buzzwords in the industry today.
* There are as many people and power behind the changing fitness look as the trend itself.
Fitness coaches, personal trainers, bodybuilders, inventors, and physical therapists--
Besides changing the way of life--
Will affect the way people exercise.
Retail giants like Nike and Reebok spend a lot of time and money investigating professional athletes, coaches, sports
Medical experts, fitness coaches and students find that the exercise is good, bad and ugly, and what is missing in their training programs.
Of course, their bottom line is sales, and any new gadgets or items are also linked to shoes and clothing promotions.
Whether the health club will start buying these new devices will depend on the interest of consumers. -
And their budget.
Miller of Georgia says everyone has found that exercising will prevent people from returning to the health club.
Fitness coach.
Everyday life usually means that there will be no new challenges to the body, which is when boredom begins.
\"Think about the people you saw in the gym for a year,\" she said . \".
\"Maybe they exercise every day, it\'s really hard, but is there such a big change in their body?
Over-use syndrome
They do the same repetition of the same activity, and when you get used to it, it doesn\'t do any good. Here (the industry)
I said, \'Come in and train every day.
But where are they going with it?
What is the real goal here?
That\'s why Miller designed the obstacle route.
She got the idea from a day of running-
Off the beaten track
\"My assistant and I took the same route as we have been, and I saw this old, overgrown path through the woods.
\"They grabbed it, skipped down trees and streams, jumped onto the spider web and realized that they found something missing from other programs: fun.
\"The game is a big missing link,\" Miller said . \" She plans to attend obstacle training for the first time in January.
\"I thought, \'This is what I remember when I was a child.
The process is difficult;
You do a task with your body and as many muscles as you can.
\"Will the fitness club really go to the set up and remove the obstacle classes?
With this cash.
Time is tight, will they be willing to pay about $850 for a middle income person? sized course?
Miller naturally said: \"The future aerobic fitness room will be full of props.
\"One of the props that may appear next to the steps is skateboarding, which is very beneficial for skiers, skaters and tennis players.
According to Eric Stricht, a lecturer in the Department of Physical Science at the University of California, Los Angeles, and part-time professor of sports at Western colleges, Scandinavian skaters and Trans
Country skiers used to wax an old door and use it as a closed one
Exercise tools for the season.
* This slide will be just one of the fitness tools launched this month at the annual creative convention in New Orleans.
Supporters estimate that the conference will attract 4,500 people this year, and the conference will hold seminars and product stalls aimed at the latest trends in fitness.
David Dinerman, director of IDEA\'s member services department, said the booth area of the conference increased by 50% this year.
Some of these booths will feature products developed by physical therapists, Dinerman says physical therapists have made considerable contributions to the gadget market.
\"They are just beginning to recognize the applicability of their products in the industry.
\"What kind of gadget?
From the resistance used onand lower-
Provide physical strength training for fitness bicycles for disabled people. *Time--or lack of it--
Is a factor that many fitness enthusiasts consider.
\"People want to do something they can do during lunch time,\" Sternlicht said . \".
\"They want to exercise faster.
If you look at the training room now, the course combines step with the coloring exercise.
It is different from before.
\"Another fitness trend has nothing to do with machines, gadgets and even sweating. The mind-
Body Connection, also known as mind-body-
Spiritual connection or mind-body-
Soul Connection, take the whole method to exercise.
Those who seriously improve the benefits of exercise are no longer pooh-
Once thought very strange incentive technology.
What else is on the fitness horizon?
I hope to see the multicultural impact of aerobic exercise.
\"In major cities, we \'ve seen such amazing salsa dancing, Caribbean and African themes on the planet --
Editor Pegg Jordan said: \"Rhythm-centricat-
Large American fitness magazine.
Leave the white cheerleaders-
This is how aerobics was launched 20 years ago.
Now there is a street beat in the picture.
\"But for all the gadgets, new lessons, new music, and new philosophy, some people think that it might be best to just focus on doing exercise right and safely.
\"Sometimes the best thing to do is to move it in space in the right way with your body,\" co-
Owner of The Voight fitness center.
\"I think it\'s all going to go back to keeping it simple and doing a good workout alone, nothing (
Equipment or gadgets).
\"This exercise does not necessarily include intensive training every Friday.
If we can improve people\'s health to convince \"typical couch potatoes \"(to go)
Walk once a day, \"said Dr.
David Ye, director of cardiac rehabilitation at UCLA Medical Center, said, \"This is more helpful than any device or running shoe for the health of our country.
\"The messages sent over the years come from athletic abilities and suggest that people need to be trained.
But it\'s more important to do any physical activity. -
Like walking, playing with kids, ra leaves-
Find what we like to do.
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