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have a splash in malacca

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-30
The hot weather has prompted more tourists to seek respite from the water theme park in Malacca.
Strategic location between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore
South Highway, the state government is eager to promote its three theme parks to those looking for water vacations.
All three theme parks offer the idea of keeping visitors comfortable outside of the water rides.
New attractions are being planned with more exciting rides and shady places to please the thrill-
The seekers and their families
Vincent Low, editor of tourism magazine Nusantara, said the water park is a major industry in Malacca, and about 2 million tourists register to visit the parks every year.
\"A good water park will have thrilling rides, slides and surrounding attractions.
\"The water theme park is another reason why tourists flock to the historic Malacca,\" he said . \".
The water theme park in Malacca is doing its best to get customers interested in what they offer as new innovations and designs are being made to provide the ultimate water park experience.
A\' famosa and Malacca Wonderland theme parks and resorts are expected to launch new attractions by the end of this month, while bayou Lagoon Resort is stepping up its marketing and branding efforts for new kids in the neighborhood, by promoting its proximity to Aye Crowe toll plaza, visitors to the theme park are led to the latest attractions.
The \"Famosa water world\", the oldest water theme park in Malacca, is part of the 520ha \"integrated resort\", and its water world attracts a large number of tourists.
Known as Malaysia\'s largest water theme park, the park is surrounded by vast tropical gardens.
There are 12 types of slides and water
Entertainment activities, I . E.
Drifting River, wave pool, body slide, high speed slide, inner tube slide, family raft slide, Kids Adventure pool, Arab village and beach.
The latest attractions, big ice cream and Aqua Extreme will be unveiled on July 25.
The main highlight of the park is the family raft slide, a huge inflatable ring that can accommodate three adults and two children.
Malacca Wonderland theme park and resort Malacca Wonderland opened in 2010, hoping to experience the healthy water park experience and high-
Fast water skiing.
The park consists of several slides that provide catering for children and adults and additional features for those who are passionate about adrenalineCatch up.
There are 16 scenic spots in the park, including tornado chasers, lazy and crazy rivers, big wave pools, adventure islands, and Jingdong surrounded by natural leisure forests.
It is expected that when the renovation work is completed by the end of this month, the management of the park will announce more attractions.
Bayou Lagoon resort is only 15 minutes from the historic city and only a stone\'s throw from Ayer Keroh toll square, Bayou Lagoon Park Resort is an award
Award-winning development consisting of exclusive water theme park hotels.
Less than a year since its debut, water-
Once the overall development of the site is completed, the theme park will become the largest holiday destination in the state.
Park management is working hard to design a water theme park resort for children.
Currently, the park in Bukit cattier consists of a waterslide, a children\'s pool, a shooting water cannon, a spiral slide, and an adult pool.
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