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heartbroken dad of boy, 10, who was decapitated on children’s water slide demands to know how the accident occurred

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
A 10-year-old familyyear-
The old boy beheaded on the world\'s largest waterslide has spoken out, and they ask to answer the tragedy they say should never be repeated.
Caleb Schwab\'s family thanked the public for their support, but they said they were very eager to get an answer to why their little boy died. The 10-year-
Kansas Senator Scott Schwab\'s son is 168ft-
When he was killed earlier this month, he took the high verkt ride.
The family said: \"When we try to step into a new normal life without the presence of Caleb, we hope that through the current investigation into this incident, provide answers and guarantees that such tragedies will no longer occur.
In a statement by family lawyer Michael Reid, Scott Schwab said: \"language will never express the gratitude of the boy Michelle, I thank everyone who has expressed love and support over the past week and a half.
\"Thank you\" does not seem to be enough to express our gratitude, but this is the only sentence we have.
So, from the depths of our hearts, we thank you.
According to the Kansas City Star newspaper, Kansas epark Schlitterbahn cooperated with the investigation into the death of the young boy.
Schwab and his wife have previously issued a statement confirming that their son was involved in the tragic accident with his family at the theme park.
They asked for privacy to grieve and said: \"Since the day he was born, he has brought rich joy to our family and to all the people he has touched.
On August 7, the little boy was killed when he left 168ft.
This means \"crazy\" in German \".
The ride has been certified by Guinness World Records as the world\'s tallest water slide.
Rider on multiple slides
According to the website of the park, the person raft must be 54 inch high in the end.
Two teenagers described the terrible moments after they saw Caleb Schwab\'s body slide.
Melanie Gok told CNN: \"I heard the noise and I looked at it right away and I saw his neck broken and he slid down the slide and left blood.
Her friend, Jessie Sandford, added: \"I only saw Caleb slide down the last half of the slide, and then I saw blood.
\"His friend screamed for help, and I think that\'s when the staff, the medical staff, and the rest of the people started running.
\"It seems that those who found him first\" just realized that he was dead and did not try to revive him, \"she added \".
Their terrible description of the tragedy took place after revealing the safety issues during the ride.
Opening of 17-
Storeyfreefall water ridewasrevealed was reportedly delayed twice, and the footage of the journey being tested showed the raft flying out of the huge journey.
When it first opened in 2014, co-
Owner Henry told USA Today: \"We have a lot of problems with engineering.
At first, many of our math was based on roller coasters, which did not translate into water slides like this.
No one has ever done such a thing.
\"The journey is higher than the Statue of Liberty and the Niagara Falls, and even its creators are scared.
\"My spirit is still recovering,\" he said.
Like jumping down from the Empire State Building
This is the most terrible thing I have ever done.
He said at the time that although the ride was dangerous, it was \"safe and dangerous \".
Verruckt ride means \"crazy\" in Germany, and when Caleb is killed, it opens at Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City, Kansas City.
Witness Kelsey fridges told People that she and her boyfriend were climbing the huge water slide when they saw the crowd gathering at the bottom of 168 --foot ride.
She said: \"There was a woman who was treated for injuries to her face and head.
Just then my boyfriend said, \'I think there are other people \'. \"The 27-year-
She was shocked to see the bodies of 10 people-year-
Old man covered by emergency personnel.
She said: \"It looks like he must have been bounced out of his seat, bouncing between the net and the slide, and then sliding down.
He would fall down without a raft, a bit like a tube.
\"As the investigation into the boy\'s death continues, the park has been closed.
Other injured witnesses said they saw Caleb\'s family crying while providing emergency services to two other women on the raft. 9Other thrill-
After that, the seekers shared their experiences during the ride, including Paul oberhouser, who told local television station KCTV that his shoulder restraint was \"relaxed \".
He said: \"As soon as I hit the bottom of the first curve, the shoulder strap was loose.
\"He said he had told the park staff and said,\" They kind of said, \'Oh, no, really, \'or \'Yeah, that\'s not good \'.
So it sounds like, you know, what they\'re going to do about it. \"The 168ft-
In Germany, high Verruckt, which means \"crazy\", was certified by Guinness World Records as the world\'s tallest water slide.
Rider on multiple slides
According to the website of the park, the person raft must be 54 inch high in the end.
Kenneth Conrad told fox4 that his friend\'s shoulder strap was \"completely off\" when he took the slide last year.
He said: \"When we went down, we went down the first one, and when we were close to the second one, he was behind, and you could hear him say that his strap was gone, he was very nervous and trembling when we hit the ball because his strap had completely fallen off and actually he was fixing him on the slide with all his power.
Kansas Senator David Hayley, who then asked for better regulation of the amusement park, revealed that the state had not checked it since it opened.
After that, the Kansas Police Department issued a statement expressing condolences to Schwab\'s family after Caleb\'s unfortunate death.
The police said in a statement: \"On August 7, 2016, Caleb Schwab was one of the three passengers on a boat.
About 1430 hours, an off-duty officer working at Schlitterbahn informed the police that an incident had occurred on the Verruckt waterslide and needed help.
\"Kansas City, Kansas police and fire department responded to the scene and found the 10-year-old Caleb Schwab in the pool, who died of a fatal neck injury at the end of the ride
Two other adult female passengers on board who had nothing to do with the victims suffered minor facial injuries and were transported and treated at regional hospitals.
Police say an investigation into the incident is underway.
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