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holiday waterslide smash left me with no front teeth

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-02
Chloe Price can\'t wait to travel abroad for the first time with friends. The 18-year-
Old went to Tenerife on Canary Island and enjoyed the sun, the sea and the beach.
But after a terrible water skiing accident, her dream trip turned into a disaster and she needed dental treatment for £ 8,000.
She slipped out of the inflatable ring, with her face on the ground --
First on the slide, she broke her front teeth. The full-
Time mum, 24, said: \"The pain in my mouth and the blood flowing from it.
\"I had to put up with this for a whole year, which ruined my confidence.
\"I know I\'m lucky to have no more serious injuries, but things like this will mentally scar you.
On January 2009, Chloe flew to see her friend Emma, who lives on the island.
\"It was my first foreign holiday and I couldn\'t wait,\" she said.
I saved for a month, saved enough money and had a good time.
\"I flew out with my current predecessor. boyfriend Rhys.
I look forward to some serious relaxation and a few cocktails.
\"Five days after she arrived, the three decided to try Siam Park --
The water park is located on the island of Tenerife in Costa Rica. The Thai-
The theme park opened in 2008 and is known as the \"most spectacular water park\" in Europe \".
Chloe of Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales said: \"I like the water park, which has nearly 30 rides.
When we decided to try our first trip, we had been there for 10 minutes, called the volcano.
\"We can sit together in a rubber ring that spans four weeks, which is a huge journey.
It looks a bit scary, but it\'s fun too.
\"I sat down excitedly and persisted, but after a few seconds I knew what was wrong.
When we went into the dark tunnel and started to spin, I felt like I slipped down from the ring.
\"I tried to hold on but was thrown off the inflatable device.
I have landed at the bottom of the slide before I know it, facing it first.
\"My face and my head felt huge pain, and then I must have fainted because everything was getting dark.
\"I opened my eyes and was shot out of the car.
I struggled to pull myself up and looked down in shock.
\"My white bikini is covered in blood.
My chin hurts and I taste blood when I move my tongue.
My front teeth are missing.
\"I can feel where my gum used to be.
I must have been shocked because I was standing there at the beginning.
I didn\'t realize what was going on.
\"Emma and Reese asked me to take a taxi directly and we hurried to the hospital to check it out.
I kept shaking.
In the hospital, Chloe was X.
She said she had a broken upper jaw.
She had broken four front teeth and needed extensive dental procedures to repair the damage and was hospitalized for three days.
Chloe said: \"I can\'t believe something so terrible happened during the first week of the holiday.
This is the first time I have left the UK.
\"When I first raised the mirror, I burst into tears.
When I was a teenager, I was already in my body.
Sober enough.
I feel like the end of the world.
\"I Can\'t Smile Without gum that looks like grandma.
I feel very ashamed.
But instead of flying home, Chloe is determined to end in the last three weeks of the trip.
\"Sometimes I just want to go home, but I\'m determined to enjoy the rest of the holiday,\" she said.
\"I\'m still in pain and there\'s no way to smile properly for the camera, so from that moment on I have to awkwardly pose for each photo.
I won\'t show my teeth.
When Chloe flew home, she went to see a dentist who told her she needed dental surgery and treatment for £ 8,000.
Chloe said: \"I was very sad at the time.
I just got some legacy from a family member, so I can almost afford the cost of treatment.
\"But I\'m frustrated that money is like this, not being used to do more useful or exciting things like a deposit for a house.
I have to have two teeth and two hats.
\"I have been treated for the whole year and I have to do four very painful surgeries.
\"I had to take 16 doses of local anesthetic during one of the surgeries because my heart was running too fast and it was worn out --
However, it does not have much effect on the pain.
I\'m totally nervous.
\"I was always afraid of going to the dentist.
After all the painful surgery, Chloe can finally smile normally again.
A year later, she began fighting for compensation.
Almost five years later, Chloe received a check of £ 19,500 from the water park on November 2014.
She said: \"I was ecstatic when I opened the envelope.
I felt the whole situation was unfair because the case dragged on for many years and I really gave up all hope of getting anything.
\"Money has gone a long way.
It helps to pay off some of the debt I \'ve built with my 29-year-old partner Michael, a personal trainer.
It helped us build a family because it was so expensive to do so.
\"Our son Noah was born this year.
\"We\'re going to Florida for our holiday in October, but I\'m not sure I\'ll go anywhere near the water park again.
\"I will never forget my first holiday abroad --
But for all the wrong reasons
\"Kirsty green is a professional international personal injury lawyer representing Chloe\'s law firm, Irwin Mitchell.
She said: \"Chloe suffered some terrible injuries during the Tenerife Accident in January 2010.
\"We investigated Chloe\'s accident at the water park and found a solution for her at the end of last year.
All water parks and theme parks must ensure that the safety of customers is their top priority so that family members and their loved ones can enjoy it safely.
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