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host a successful fundraising event with inflatable rentals

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-24
If your organization or school is looking for a new and exciting way to raise money, try hosting a carnival with inflatable rentals.
With inflatable handicap classes, inflatable Sumo, inflatable bungee basketball and many other fun inflatable games, the establishment and end of the carnival doesn\'t need to be a big production.
Your organization can make a net few thousand dollars a night or weekend and offer inflatable rentals and carnival themes.
For an amazing event, start planning early and remember the following tips and ideas: delegate tasks: Don\'t spend precious time discussing every decision as a team, assign personnel tasks to research and management personnel and then perform 5-
Before executing the idea, the time limit for sharing the plan at the group meeting is 10 minutes.
Choose and Book an inflatable rental. You can choose the ticket price at the door or sell the tickets for a variety of inflatable games and events.
Look for an inflatable rental vendor with a large selection of equipment and choose a variety of games and activities that attract different types of guests.
Some prefer low-impact, lonely activities like inflatable balls, while others prefer games like inflatable gladiator tournament.
Below is a list of several inflatable game options classified according to activity preferences: friendly body contest inflatable obstacle course: Participants can climb walls, squeeze tunnels and pipes, in obstacle course competitions, slide down quickly along the side of a friend.
Try setting up some amps to play fun, upbeat music and add another dimension to the game.
Viagra Wall: Carnival spectators wear a complete set made of Viagra, then climb up one side and walk down the other side of the huge inflatable Viagra wall.
Game from head to foot: Participants use oversized inflatable gloves to try to knock down their competitors in a super soft inflatable boxing ring.
Find a volunteer with a good sense of humor to tell the details of the game with a microphone to attract attention.
Inflatable sumo: two players are wearing huge inflatable sumo suits trying to push each other down.
There is a referee at hand who helps players get in and out of their suits.
Low impact barrel racing: riders glide over the water on the motor barrel.
There is a volunteer at hand to start and stop the clock and show the user how to operate the cruise barrel.
Inflatable slot machine: Players step on a huge slot machine, press the lever and cash, and the prize will rain according to luck.
Try to light a ticket for a special draw as part of the prize loot.
While providing food to guests, food is always a great source of income at any carnival fundraising event.
Choose something as easy and quick as hot dogs and burgers.
Local restaurants and food trucks are requested to charge for the event.
Ben and Jerry\'s team are always happy to bring their colorful ice cream trucks and spoons at the event.
You can also rent equipment for volunteers to run like a marshmallow machine or snow cone machine.
Silent auction: a great fundraising event where other family members can enjoy a very popular silent auction when participating in an inflatable contest or playing inflatable human bowling game.
Get donations from local businesses for silent auctions such as luxury massages, hotel accommodations or dinner in a restaurant.
Put the gift on the long banquet and a piece of paper for the night to bid.
Over time, make announcements so that everyone has the opportunity to raise their bid before someone else takes the items they care about.
Family friendly carnival games are another fun way to earn high profits for your organization.
Make sure to get a lot of small prizes for those who don\'t win or are close to winning, and get some very attractive prizes for those who win.
Most carnival games are easy to set up without a lot of dedicated equipment.
Rent a slam dunk pool for real fun and find some willing volunteers.
Carnival has always been a popular event to attract members of the community.
There are huge, bright inflatable rental activities in the entertainment center, and your fundraising activities will bring traffic to passers-by as well as to the people you come into contact with through marketing and upfrontticket sales.
The key to a great fundraising event is to attract a large group of people and provide them with a truly happy way.
With a lot of planning and great concepts, your organization will definitely get an amazing income from the inflatable fun carnival event.
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