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hotels with water slides in the bahamas

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-30
The sunny Bahamas is a popular destination for vacationers who want to escape the Caribbean sunshine.
Typical Bahamian festival may be hanging out at the hotel\'s swimming pool.
Many hotels have designed additional features for active holidaymakers, such as swimming
Bar, river rafting, beach and water park.
Another place to satisfy guests is the waterslide and the Bahamas hotel.
Towering coral
The colorful towers of this family resort evoke the spirit of the legendary city of the same name.
The resort itself has six separate hotels, 21 restaurants, 11 swimming pools, beaches, casinos, aquariums, spas, etc.
Real Hotel, Paradise Island, Atlanta (atlantis. com)
Not only is there a waterslide and the whole water park.
The water park features 9 body and plumbing slides and a children\'s water park.
Hotel guests are free to use and are open to the public for a fee.
Although the hotel swimming pool does not have its own slide, the guests in this comfortable suite (comfortsuites. com)
Access to all amenities in nearby Atlanta
A few minutes walk.
Guests can enjoy all the slides in the water park, pool area and beach.
The hotel is all
Double bed or king size bed, folding sofa and free continental breakfast are available.
Flamingo Bay hotels in Grand Bahama Island (tainobeach. com).
The guest room has a king bed or two double beds and is equipped with a kitchenette that can heat snacks and snacks.
Hotel pool 103-
Walk the waterslide and the children\'s area with fountains and drifting rivers.
You can lie in the sun on a bed floating in the middle of the pool, or you can enjoy the shade between the cave and the water feature.
Guests can enjoy three meals a day at the hotel\'s restaurant, which offers themed dinners and dances. Wyndham Nassauwyndham. com)
Over 500 rooms overlook the island\'s green space or ocean.
Some rooms also overlook the surfside hotel swimming pool, which features body slides embedded in rock formations.
You can swim in the resort\'s private lagoon or sunbathe on the beach.
Nine restaurants and lounges for a variety of tastes, Crystal Palace Casino is adjacent to the resort and is suitable for those who want to try their luck on slot machines or card tables.
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