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how a floridian design agency made a splash in dubai

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
When you think of a unique environment, the water park does not pop up.
Known for being crowded and crowded
The colored tubes blown from the steel tower look like the opposite side of the country club. Except for one.
The same is true in few regions.
Water park for Middle East.
During the winter, temperatures usually reach 80 degrees during the day, while in the summer, Mercury is up much higher than 100.
The heat comes from all angles and feels like standing in front of a huge hairdryer.
The sand is too hot, put your foot bottom Sears in a few seconds, it is not even possible to stand in front of the fan to cool, the fan will spray fog as the water warms and hit the air.
This explains why the number of water parks in the Middle East has accelerated with investment in the region.
Major cities use them as status symbols, and every new opening is trying to surpass its predecessors.
The water arms race has made the Middle East home to some of the world\'s highest nations.
Tech water park, which makes it harder to make waves in the new water park.
Kerzner International, a luxury hotel developer, met the challenge in 2008 when the hotel\'s door was open to the Atlanta mega --
The resort is located at one of Dubai\'s most fascinating attractions.
Its name is real coral
The colored Palace looks like it was raised from the sea as it sits on the narrow sandy beach on the tip of the palm --shaped man-made island.
Its two towering towers are connected by a huge arch, filled with towers and spires.
It looks like a temple of lost civilization.
There is a huge dome ceiling in the lobby, and the ceiling is supported by pillars in the shape of huge marine life.
In the middle, an overall octopus arm appears in a huge fountain, made of tiny glass tubes, so the entrance area even smells like water.
The walls of the hall are covered with simulated Greek murals and tapestries, and the ceiling of the corridor is hung with chandeliers that look like glass jellyfish.
There are ocean patterns everywhere you look.
There is a restaurant overlooking one of the largest aquariums in the world, a cave complex with the theme of Atlanta itself, and of course
The hotel\'s water park is available for free.
The resort was designed in accordance with the same name resort in the Bahamas and was also developed by Kerzner.
However, local competition in the Middle East has set a higher hurdle for the success of Dubai Water Park. Florida-
The EDSA-based design agency not only makes the park bigger and more exotic than its competitors, but also makes the park more adult.
Named Aquaventure, 42-
The acre park, which borders a sparkling beach, looks like an oasis.
The gorgeous pipes, bare concrete passages and steel stairs that are common in most water parks are missing.
At the waterpark, many slides meander through lush gardens filled with palm trees and tropical birds, while the entrance is hidden in Inca-like temples.
\"We want design to be natural --
\"Based on the green environment, meet all the climate needs in the region,\" said EDSA chairman Robert Belin . \".
\"We are very fortunate to have a creative team and an inspiring customer base who share the vision to do something new and exciting.
\"Everyone is on the same page and it really comes together on the details of the pavement, the landscape, the hard landscape, the bridge. . .
It\'s all about influencing how a person feels in space.
EDSA was founded in 1960 by American landscape designer Edward Durrell Stone.
His father, old Edward Durrell Stone.
Some of its earliest projects include the General Motors Building in New York City and John F.
Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Washington, D. C.
\"We have a lot of experience in integrating themed entertainment and water activities.
\"In the resort environment, the comfort-oriented feature is that EDSA was fortunate enough to participate in the Atlanta brand in 1993,\" said Bellin . \".
\"It was in Atlanta, Bahamas, and recently
Resorts have been opened in Sanya, China, and will soon open in Hawaii.
Dubai\'s extraordinary style of water architecture is essential.
As explained by Olivia arms Ke, operations director of Aquaventure, \"The theme helps bring the story of Atlanta into Aquaventure Water Park, allowing us to maintain with the DNA of the resort
\"To pull it down, it takes more than just the wave of the wand.
\"In terms of direction, the design brief is relatively loose,\" said Bellin . \".
\"We know it has to offer extreme adventure and family-
Friendly elements.
In general, the program itself began to function during the conceptual design phase.
He added, \"There are a total of hundreds of people on the team at different stages, stages and areas.
Internally, we have commitments from more than 15 to 20 people.
In addition to EDSA staff, there are architects, marine scientists, engineers, manufacturers, interior designers, subject matter experts, audio-visual experts, graphic designers, Pathfinder, artistic director and the entire construction team.
The most critical step in the design process is \"coordinating many creative work meetings that involve the client community\'s desire to incorporate the revenue generation, technology and ambitious water park components of the site,\" said Bellin.
It is also important to create the \"wow\" factor-it is a different thing that has never been done at this scale or complexity.
\"The end result is not just for presentation.
Many of Aquaventure\'s slides are cleverly connected to the Italian face --like 2.
Belin called the Lazy River \"Traffic Entertainment\" 3 kilometers network.
It includes sliding over the rubber ring from the exit of one slide and then floating towards the next slide.
It\'s not as quiet as the River sounds, it\'s actually nothing but laziness. One has a surf-
Ripples are triggered every few seconds, while other waves are more like white --
You will be in a canoe in the rapids.
It may seem accidental, but it is actually controlled by care.
\"Water slide designers play an important role in safety and control. . .
For Rivers, rapids, and tides, there are adjustable settings for speed and strength, \"said Bellin.
The river network reduces the time to queue up for rides and helps guests stay cool while visiting the park, which takes about 45 minutes.
There are escalator belts that can take guests to the slopes, but they have to get off the horse in order to get to the highest slide.
One twists and turns in the dark and then appears in the bright blue light as the ring passes through a transparent tube in the middle of a huge aquarium.
Lucky guests find themselves racing or getting up with the tingling light
Take a closer look at the belly of the shark above.
It attracts family and excitement.
It is also a highlight of the park.
Belin says his team makes sure the slides have \"unexpected \'hold your breath, \'moments like double descent sequences, or connections to marine habitats similar to shark tube slides that make you live more.
He added that there are so many people on his team, \"one of the biggest challenges is being able to get everyone on the same page on the same day.
In addition, we always recognize the cost and reality of ensuring that creative ideas remain within budget.
\"It\'s not cutting corners.
On a 2013-foot water adventure, a $27 million beach, the Tower of Poseidon, was completed.
Colorful temples packed with slides.
They include the widest waterslide in the world and two 360 degree waterslides and climb almost-
Vertical edge of the tube.
It was rewarded.
Aquaventure attracted about 1.
Each year, 4 million visitors are named the No. 1 Water Park in the Middle East.
In 2017, Trip Advisor, the travel site, named it the fourth-largest water park in the world.
\"We\'re five leading.
\"Star Water Park in the area,\" said Warwick . \".
\"From the wide water transport system, there are many small themed touches that allow guests to explore the park with tubes, record-
Broken water slide
This is not complacency.
\"We master the trends in water parks, do our own research, and work closely with slide makers who understand the resort DNA and in which direction we want to move.
They align with our vision and know that we want to make and develop slides that guests can\'t experience anywhere except our water park.
It is important to have slides to wow our guests and to have us on the map but also for our entire family --
\"Friendly and ocean theme,\" said arms Ke . \".
Beilin added that a crystal ball is needed to stay on the cusp.
\"We like to see design from things we haven\'t done, unconventional things and how we take things to a new level in our excitement.
Guests always feel comfortable during this process is necessary, so in Aquaventure, We irrigate the sidewalk, conceive the transportation entertainment system, and create a series of viewing Portal areas where people can
\"For EDSA, this is far from being a children\'s game, and it has an easy way to see the impact of its work.
As Bellin said.
\"Observing how people react to other people\'s adventures is almost an element of entertainment in itself.
This is really a happy ending.
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