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how often do accidents happen at amusement, water parks?

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
At the Ohio State Fair in Columbus on Wednesday night, when the \"fireball\" rides failed, at least one person died and several others were injured.
How often does something like this happen?
Here is a list of accidents in the United States this spring and summer. S.
Amusement parks, Carnival and water parks: July 17, local media reportedyear-
The old girl fell from the \"wave rider\" at the Island amusement park in Pigeon Valley, Tennessee.
The ride began in June, and the theme of the surfboard is to make the rider circle. July 7: A 5-year-
On July 4, at the carnival at Ind Lebanon Memorial Park, the old girl was knocked down by the \"clown ride.
Police said the girl did not wear a seat belt and may have been trying to change her car before the start of the ride.
Related: June 27: a girl of an age who has not yet been released immediately fell off the \"wiggle ango\" water slide at two Pirate Bay water parks in Baytown, Texas, after a raft, she collided with another person with the partition board and the overturned car.
June 25: Delaware 14-year-
The 25-year-old survived.
In the six-flag escape in Queensbury, New York, the foot jumped from the \"Sky Tour. Y.
When dozens of witnesses and park staff gathered to catch her, the girl had shaken up and screamed from the stopped cable car. May 27: A 10-year-
The old boy was launched from \"Emerald falls\", which is a three
Story water slide, Wave Water Park in Dublin, California.
He suffered only minor injuries.
May 18: 3 riders, including a 7-year-
The old child, on the Cuckoo Festival in Townsend port, fell from the \"Phoenix Wheel\" Ferris wheel and washed it.
Local officials said the victims had fallen 15 feet after the cart they were riding suddenly overturned. May 12: A 15-month-
The little girl was electrocuted in the parking lot of West carnival in Wichita city.
Police say the girl touched the metal fence outside the bounce house at the tourist carnival.
April 6: A woman was hit by a pipe while riding a \"tornado\" water slide in the California Water World in Concord, California, and her skull was burst by an artery.
Riding requires riders to lock their legs in the inner tube, then slide down the slide and slide into a large water pool like a tornado funnel.
But in a civil lawsuit, the woman said her home\'s subway was pushed into the ride before the passenger locked her legs.
When they got to the funnel area, her head hit a pipe that dispersed water.
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