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how outdoor leisure and party businesses can make more money in the winter and other off-peak times

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-24
While the article is primarily written for the inflatable rental industry, it will be presented to any outdoor leisure and party/entertainment provider (e. g.
Outdoor attractions, including theme parks, ice
Cream shop, owner of farm attractions, etc. )
How do they get more bookings in the winter, as traditionally this is the time to earn and make the lowest profits compared to summer.
In addition, Christmas will be very profitable in the case of careful planning.
This article is divided into two parts.
The first part will refer to the idea of adding bookings to new and existing customers, while the second part will look at additional revenue sources for the winter months.
Part 1: some ideas for adding bookings are as follows it is a very good idea to have some form of email capture form and other forms of communication on your website (
Offline and online)
Therefore, you can collect the customer\'s email address throughout the year. (
You might want to give them an incentive. g.
Small discounts on rent or ticket prices sound a lot, but remember the customer\'s \"lifetime value \"! ).
Once you have their email address, you can send them monthly or quarterly newsletters so they will always remember your business.
When booking is quieter
For example, you can offer special rewards in winter. g.
Hire two people for 1, or buy a ticket and get one for free.
If you can enter the lobby and your inflatable or outdoor attractions business can be there for the time being, then you can tell all your customers that there is no need to stop playing in cold and humid weather!
When collecting the customer\'s email address, you always tell them that you will never spam them and that you will never pass their email address to a third party, which is very important --
My email capture software uses Aweber.
For inflatable rental companies, please contact all administrators in the local community hall.
Explain what you have done and ask if they can recommend your service to the users in the lobby.
Maybe tell them you will donate to the lobby.
Also, ask if they allow you to post a small ad on the hall notice --board -
More about the idea.
Write a letter to all local nurseries asking them to recommend you to their clients.
As an additional sweetener, if they can put your ad on the notice of the nursery, you can offer a complimentary inflatable castle for the day --board.
No matter what outdoor leisure or party event you attend, work hard to work closely with your competitors.
Some leisure companies are closed in winter. (
Or do not do any foreign work).
If this happens in your area, ask if they can exchange commission for work.
In all your ads
Including the logo and website of your van)
, It is very clear that in the winter, you can provide inflation or anything you provide for indoor use.
Tip for inflatable castle rental company: rent a hall for a few hours.
Put your best inflatable toys in there and invite people to bring their children for free.
Give each parent a leaflet to promote your service.
You may mention that you will accept donations to cover the cost of renting the lobby.
You can even make a lot of money.
Recruit a group of \"sales people who are eager for Commission\" and they will go out and book a room for you in exchange for a portion of the rent.
For example, students need extra money for Christmas.
Meet women for their regular \"coffee morning.
Small local charities may have strong local support.
If some people know that they will be paid for each booking, they may be willing to hand out leaflets.
Contact all customers who use you in the summer by phone to see if you can book them this winter (e. g.
As a special Christmas present).
Look at the equipment that is in great demand in winter (e. g.
Professional heater or inflatable horse eye in construction industry).
Write a letter to all your local schools telling them they can get a 10% discount or more if they hire from October 1 to the end of the month.
The five main festivals in winter are Halloween, Guy Fox Night, Thanksgiving (For American citizens)
Christmas and New Year\'s Day celebrations.
Try and see if there are a lot of indoor activities
Contact the organizer to promote your service.
We like the tips here very much.
All indoor venues (e.
Schools, country halls, leisure shopping centers, etc. )
Enhance your indoor rental capabilities for inflatable products or other party/game products.
Close to large carpet warehouse/garden center/DIY store, advertise for free children\'s play area to generate extra trade.
Shopping malls, paying for tea and coffee while walking.
Local car dealers for inflatable toys and party games ,(
Additional supervision and risk assessment required)
Buy two cheap big tents and put the bouncy castle under in winter.
Keep the kids dry too!
Visit the local garden center and ask them if you can put your inflatable indoors and then agree to split the proceeds. (e. g 50/50).
Part 2: The extra revenue stream for the winter season is a series of additional business ideas, including hiring and leisure/party/entertainment products that can generate good revenue during the winter season, or in fact, if you want, you can do it all year round. 1)
Chocolate Fountain for rent, Rooster
Tail drinking water, etc.
Attend weddings, bars and other luxurious indoor events. 2)
Inflatable activities, soft play, etc.
For very small children who are too young to use inflatable castles. 3)
Rent fancy party supplies and accessories such as giant inflatable birthday cakes, giant inflatable birthday arches and even giant birthday cards, or say \"party here\" outside the venue, or \"happy birthday \". 4)
Floss and donuts for indoor activities. 5)
Catering business. 6)
Trucks are used by most inflatable castle/party tent rental companies.
If your insurance has increased slightly, you can use it for parcel delivery/part-time delivery. 7)
Work with other businesses to provide inflatable equipment at the same time as promotional activities that will be sold on Christmas/January.
Charities are always looking for ways to raise money.
Get in touch with some local people and see how you can work together to raise a certain percentage of the money. 8)
Advertise your van or trailer in the off-peak season. 9)
Bubble Machine, helium balloon, party bag for extra charge, pop-up gazebo for wet weather for extra charge. 10)
Buy a cave for Santa Claus for Christmas.
Run an upscale clothing company.
Small inflatable children\'s toys for sale.
Run the party planning business, integrate your indoor inflatable toys and/or games, and also negotiate commissions or business with peers with entertainment services products that can be used for party packages. 11)
Game nights are available at the bar.
This can be very profitable as it will attract customers into the bar in droves.
Many bars have a large-screen TV where you can watch horse races or dog races. 12)
Rent a hall, put a lot of inflatable toys and charge an entrance fee.
Buy and sell soft drinks and sweets from wholesalers.
According to the reply, you can do it every two weeks. (
It is also possible to keep inflation ventilated and dry in winter)13)
Buy some small bouncy castles and rent them indoors to local game Schools and toddlers.
Lower interest rates for them in winter. 14)Target pre-
School/nursery (
Especially at Christmas)
The flyer says inflatable toys are suitable for indoor use!
Encourage them to post your flyer on the bulletin board. 15)
Starting with the idea of the first part of this article, you can recommend the local lobby (
At a discounted price)
For your inflatable castle customers.
This is good for the lobby and great for your customers as they get a discount --
Put together a leaflet that says \"we have an indoor party \". 16)
Send letters to all schools and game groups etc.
Offer a 50% discount in your local area and come up with ideas for fundraising and promotion of exercise angles
Children can\'t do so much outdoors in winter! !
Let the school write your company name and details on any letter they send out.
Also, you can offer them a small fee for each of your bookings. 17)
In winter, you can go to school for a sponsored bounce event and the castle is free.
Clean the castle and send a leaflet to each child that says \"we have been returned \". . . . . .
Results: more reservations, the school has booked the summer banquet for you. (
We recommend a 10% fee to the school). 18)Coin-
Like in the supermarket, it\'s easy to make money by running kids cycling, you only come back once a month to collect takings and annual tests. 19)Hire out hot-tubs.
Huge potential market. 20)
Office events, masquerades ,(
Adults and children).
Very low setup cost
Good return. 21)
Check out other popular rental items. E. g.
Tents and mini
The running lantern, a powerful toy for children.
Heavy tools.
Garden machinery, cleaning equipment, etc.
I hope this article gives you some food to think about and some creative ideas about how your casual/party business can make more money in the winter.
Despite the cold and humid weather, there are many opportunities outside.
Don\'t forget to keep in touch with your competitors as some of them \"shut up\" during this time and even go to a warm place for a holiday.
This may provide you with more business and opportunities in the winter and spring.
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