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how to build a playground slide

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
In this video tutorial you will find in 3-by-
4 pillars, fixed with galvanized fasteners.
All fasteners exposed to the outdoors must be weather-
Brass or stainless steel coating.
All that is required to complete the slide is the standard homeowner tool-
Tape measure, after
Digging machine, saw, saw and level.
A good bit/drive is a good tool if decorative screws are used as fasteners.
Although there\'s nothing wrong with the old Hammer-and-
DingTalk way, you can\'t fight high-
If you deal with a lot of rough buildings, the quality frame is DingTalk.
Before you start, check your local code to make sure you are allowed to move on at the proposed location and anchor your post correctly according to regulations, soil type and geographical location.
For more information, or start making your own playground slides, watch this DIY video tutorial.
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