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how to carry a kayak on an airline

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-04
It may look like a surfboard for some, but the experienced air ticketing agent knows you are planning to bring your kayak with youboard.
If you take steps to speed up the inspection, it is feasible to fly in a domestic and international flight with a kayakin process.
If you are searching for flights, please check which airlines accept kayaks and check their oversized luggage check-
In the policy of making sure you and your kayak are on board.
Call the airline\'s customer service extension or check the airline\'s official website for sports equipment inspection information-in policies.
Ask a representative or find a list or chart on the website detailing the type of equipment that was accepted as oversized luggage at the time of consignmentin.
Ask or read the airline\'s requirements for kayak or oversized luggage measurements of weight and length.
Measure and weigh your kayak to confirm that it is within the size range specified by the airline.
The accepted length range is between 62 and 156 inch depending on the airline and aircraft type.
The maximum acceptable weight is usually 70 to 99 kilograms. 9 pounds.
Study the cost of oversized luggage related to checked kayaks.
Kayaks are not considered part of your inspection
Baggage allowance is usually $100 to $200
How, depending on the airline and size of kayak.
Talk to the customer service representative or check the official airline website to determine the geography and date of the oversized baggage embargo or measurement restrictions in the destination city.
When booking your flight, inform the airline that you are checking in with kayak and find out if you can book your cargo hold.
Airlines usually accept or reject oversized luggage upon boarding
Based on available space.
This means that if there is not enough space on the plane to accommodate your kayak when you check
At, it will fly to your destination city on the next available flight.
Print an updated copy of the airline\'s designated measurement and oversized baggage policy to display-in.
This can avoid disagreements between you and delegates who are not familiar with the current policy.
Purchase sports equipment travel insurance for your kayak before travel as the airline is not responsible for lost or stolen kayaks or damage during travel.
Carry a sports equipment insurance with you.
Secure the kayak in a kayak storage cover or bag, or pack it in a waterproof cloth or foam package to protect it during your trip.
Attach bubble wrap or waterproof cloth around your kayak with packing tape or tape.
Write your name, flight number, destination city and where you live on multiple sheets of paper with marker pen.
Secure the sheets to the front and back of the storage cover or bag, bubble wrap or waterproof cloth with clear packing tape so that airline employees can see the information.
Check on arrival airline-
Help ensure the kayak\'s available cargo space on the plane for at least three hours before the flight and avoid transporting the kayak through the traveler\'s route.
Check-pay for extra luggagein.
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