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how to clean the inflatable pools - extreme sports

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-20
The inflatable pool is easy to carry and you can set it up anywhere you want, such as a park, backyard or square.
Much more convenient than the building-in one.
However, people, leaves, branches, dust and rain can make the pool dirty.
It is important to clean the pool once a week for your health.
How to clean the inflatable swimming pool?
You have to clean the pool for 2 hours.
First of all, we should take out the sundries in the swimming pool.
Place the swimming toy or buoy on the other side for later cleaning.
Put out leaves, branches, or other small things with a net.
Clean the sundries if they can block a vacuum or filter.
Second, we can brush now.
Let\'s use the soft brush used to brush the vinyl pool.
Brush the pool again and let go of the dirt and algae.
After brushing, you can use the pool vacuum cleaner to remove the sundries.
You should choose a pool cleaner that will fit the size of your inflatable pool.
Sometimes when you buy an inflatable pool there is a voting vacuum in the package.
Third, in addition to cleaning the inflatable swimming pool, attention should also be paid to the water balance.
Basically, the water balance is tested to test the acidity and alkalinity.
This part requires pH test paper.
Its water does not meet the pH level and then needs to be replenished with chemicals.
But remember that the residual chlorine must not be higher than 1.
0 mg/L because people feel sick about residual chlorine.
If you also want to remove algae, you should place algae-killing drugs before or within 12 hours after the chlorine tablets.
It may not work together.
Finally, wash the swimming toys.
We should prepare a soft cloth on the ground and put the swimming toy on the cloth.
Most of the swimming toys are also inflatable, so it should not be placed directly on the ground, otherwise it will damage the swimming toys.
If you find algae or dirt on the swimming toy, you should clean it with a soft brush before putting it into the inflatable pool.
In order for the inflatable pool and water to be clean, you will need to pay 2 hours a week to clean the inflatable pool.
For the sake of the health of the swimmers, these two hours are worth spending.
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