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How to Fix the Mac Spinning Rainbow Beachball of Death

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-25
Watch out for the spinning rainbow beach ball of death!Will your Mac keep freezing and the rotating disc wheel will not stop?Is your Macbook always slow?Have you seen the dreaded \"spin rainbow\" or \"dead beach ball\" more often \"?Officially called \"rotate wait cursor\", Rainbow windmills appear when the app does not respond correctly to system events.These recurring short freezes are a nightmare for Apple computer users..Go to your activity monitor (you can find it by typing it in the spotlight ).
The system memory tab will tell you about the computer\'s RAM (random-Access Memory) usage.The two statistics you will see are \"page input\" and \"page output\", which describe the information that moves to a Mac drive between RAM.When RAM is full, the page timeout occurs, which requires moving the information from RAM to the hard drive.
You may need more memory if your computer has written a lot of pages.Run an Apple diagnostics or Apple hardware test (depending on what model you have) to see if there is a problem with your computer hardware.Turn off your computerTurn it on and hold the letter D on the keyboard before it starts your desktop.
Your system will run a diagnostic test and notify you of any issues.Depending on the situation found, you can use Apple\'s online support or go to the Genius Bar of the Apple Store to determine how to solve the problem.Check the Disk Utility using OS X recovery.
Restart the computer and press and hold the command and R keys on startup.It should start with the menu bar and the utility window.Select Disk Utility from the utility window \".
Click the first aid tab to select and fix your internal hard drive from the column on the left.Using the Activity Monitor, check the central processor (CPU) under the CPU tab ).In the menu toolbar, select all processes.
This window shows the number of CPUs used by different applications.Sort the application by clicking the % CPU column and view the applications and processes that take up the CPU cycle of the machine.The frozen process says \"no response \".What is the reason for the Mac rotating rainbow light?Usually, when frozen, the computer will not allow you to do anything in a few seconds, and then it will recover.
Rotating the cursor means that some tasks prevent the OS X system from running the program correctly, which usually indicates a problem with the hard disk.Even an affected application affects the processor, making it impossible to click on another application.Rotating a rainbow wheel indicates an app that does not respond.
This could be a temporary failure from which the application will recover.In rare cases the whole system freezes and then the only option is to press the power button until the computer is forced to shut down.However, this is not a normal situation for OS X and should be dealt with quickly as it may point to potential issues.
In terrible cases, the only solution is to restart because the whole machine locks when an application enters an infinite loop that cannot be recovered.If the rainbow wheel gets stuck spinning, you won\'t be able to run anything else until it stops.Forced Exit, control first-Click the offending app icon on the desktop dock.
Select force exit, which should cut off the app and keep you working.If this does not work, try using Apple pull-turn off or restart your computerdown menu.Finally, press and hold the power button manually until the computer is off.
Before running any relevant diagnostics on your Mac, make sure it\'s simple first-to-Solving the problem is not the culprit.In general, try not to run too many applications at the same time.Check if your system and applications are up to date.
If your machine freezes all the time, try to do a safe boot: Reboot and hold down the shift key until you see the Apple logo.If all other operating systems fail, try to reinstall the operating system.Please continue reading without these work.
Getting rid of unnecessary files and optimizing hard drives can solve stuttering OS X.To do this, download the Disk Utility for Mac.Running the disk utility will ensure that the file structure on the Mac drive is organized and works properly.
It ensures that when a computer tries to locate or reference a file, there is no problem with doing so, thus causing the Mac to work at the best speed.If your Mac is running slower, if you see beach balls more and more, you don\'t know why --Try to optimize your hard drive.However, you may have a problem with insufficient RAM and need to upgrade your Mac memory.
To save space, you may also want to uninstall some programs from your Mac.Finally, you may have hardware problems.In this case, you should reform the Apple hardware test (AHT), which contains a set of diagnostic programs that test computer hardware.In any case, this is a good way to troubleshoot hardware problems when you troubleshoot your computer.
No one wants to see the spinning rainbow on the Mac.Frequent and persistent rainbow cursors are not normal in Mac OS X and should be dealt with quickly as they may point to other potential issues.This is a situation where all computer users, no matter which platform they operate, are frustrated.
Sadly, this is also a frequent occurrence.Forced constant use of slow computers will seriously affect the user experience and turn off the computer and restart it in important tasks.Apple\'s wait cursor was originally a watch and later turned into a beach ball.
With the progress of hardware and software, the beach ball becomes active and looks like it is spinning.Finally, rainbow colors were added to make the cursor look more dynamic
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