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how to get discount tickets to splash lagoon indoor water park resort

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
Splash Lagoon package can be updated in 2019 season. There are many ways to get a discounted ticket for Splash Lagoon indoor water park resort.
Located in Erie, Pennsylvania, this gem Hotel is a great place to have a day of entertainment or a family weekend.
No matter what the outside temperature is, it\'s a mild 84 degrees in this indoor water park!
Your discount ticket will allow you to enter: adventure BayThe Big KahunaThe black hole cyclone frog PondThe Hurricane holthe lava pool lazy river Maui Wolf monkey shining island paradise greedy Python PlungeThe Tiki bucket a resort if you stay here overnight or on weekends, your visit includes your admission.
There are different kinds of packages available for purchase and can also be added
Ons on packaging
Rest days such as Thursday and Sunday will also save you more.
Check out the website to find out the package that best suits your family.
Check out the Groupon website for the latest ticket deals.
This is an insider\'s point!
Purchase the summer pass and pay for the water lagoon for yourself during three visits.
As it is located at the resort, there is a limited number of hotels to choose from.
They can buy it online and this season is gone when they are away.
Go later in the day and you don\'t have to spend the night at the hotel to have fun there.
You can purchase a one-day pass to the water park, or a full-day pass, or a pass later in the day.
If you buy a ticket after 4: 00 in the afternoon, you will get the ticket for less.
Part of the website SpecialsThere has a special discount ticket for you to print and display when you arrive at the Splash Lagoon.
These are constantly updated, so check them regularly before you visit.
Discount tickets to be printed are: military discount (with ID)
Discount for college students (with ID)
Mom and My discount (
Free for children and adults, Monday only)
Sign up for the email and then register for their email newsletter.
You can plan your visit around special events and save money days.
Another option for discounted tickets is to visit with groups.
They offer group discounts for synagogue and church youth groups, Scouts and Girl Scouts, post-ball groups, etc.
Fill in the online form and a representative will reply you with the price quote and other information.
Like many other companies, the resort also has a fan page.
Simply \"like\" it and send the latest news, deals and discounts directly to your Facebook news feed.
There are so many opportunities to buy discount tickets for Splash Lagoon indoor waterpark resort, there is no reason to pay full price for your admission.
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