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how to get discounts to schlitterbahn water park in galveston, texas

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
The Schlitterbahn coupon for 2019 water sports enthusiasts should look at how to get a discount on Schlitterbahn water park, Galveston, TX.
The location of Galveston is one of the four water parks in Schlitterbahn chain, as part of the park can be converted from indoors to outdoors through a retractable roof.
The park is open with no rain Blues!
If you want to beat the hot and humid weather in Texas, the park will cool you down!
Schlitterbahn offers an amazing array of rides and attractions for thrill seekers and families with young children.
There are lazy rivers, heated outdoor swimming pools, beaches and several outdoor play areas for families.
There are hidden discounts for Schlitterbahn.
Free parking is one of them.
Most major water parks and theme parks like to put their hands in your wallet as you drive into their parking lot.
This is not the case with Schlitterbahn.
Another way to save money is to bring your own food.
This is not allowed in most large parks.
In Schlitterbahn, you can bring your own refrigerator and dine for free.
Be sure to come early so you can book your own tables as they will be taken away right away.
The season ticket to Schlitterbahn is the best discount option for local residents and those staying within 90 minutes of the park.
Go as long as you want and you have already paid for it!
For those who purchased the Schlitterbahn season pass before the start of the summer of April, there was an early bird discount.
GrouponCheck check the Groupon website so that you can save money immediately when visiting later.
There are several different types of offers and packages.
Some include supplements to food and drinks, some include towels, and some include all three!
There are still two days of promotion, so you don\'t have to pay for two days if you are on the weekend.
When buying tickets online, you often see a place to put a promotion code to get a discount.
The Schlitterbahn code can be found in Retailmenot, so check it first before you pay with your credit card.
Buying tickets at retail stores there are several retail stores in the area where you can buy Park tickets at a lower price. H-E-
Supermarkets, Kroger, CVS and Valero are four places to see.
You may be lucky elsewhere, or ask local residents where they buy tickets at a discount.
Group rates got together with some friends and couldn\'t enjoy the fun at Schlitterbahn.
If you book and pre-pay for a group at least five days in advance, your ticket will have a greater discount.
If your organization has more than 100 people going on the day you pay less!
Facebook schiltterbahn has a Facebook page that covers all four of their water parks.
Learn about deals, sales, and promotions by becoming a fan.
Schlitterbahn water park in Galveston, Texas has so many opportunities to get discounts that it will only be much cheaper to beat the hot weather.
Have a look at all this fun!
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