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How to Install an Outdoor Inflatable Pool

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-22
The outdoor inflatable pool is sought after for its ease of installation and disassembly.You no longer need to cover your pool in the coldThe weather is several months and you don\'t have to spend a lot of time preparing the pool for the summer.The outdoor inflatable pool only allows you to use them when needed.
Find areas where an outdoor pool will be installed.The area should be flat with no rocks, stones, branches and anything else sharp enough to pierce the outdoor inflatable pool.If necessary, use the rake or broom to clear the area where the inflatable pool is located.
Also, avoid placing the inflatable pool under the tree.Place waterproof cloth on the ground where the outdoor inflatable swimming pool is located.The waterproof cloth should be larger than the swimming pool.
The additional waterproof area around the outdoor inflatable pool will become the border area;This will allow people to wipe their feet or place swimming shoes before entering the pool.Place the inflatable pool on top of the TARP.Stretch out the lining to make it smooth and smooth.
Walk around the inflatable pool to ensure an equal distance from all directions.Start filling the outdoor inflatable pool with water.Once the bottom of the internal pool is covered with a small layer of water, close the hose and move around the inside of the inflatable pool.
Make sure the bottom of the pool is smooth and stretched out.Continue filling the inflatable pool with water.There are four people standing outside the inflatable pool in the north, south, east and west directions.
When the pool is full of water, everyone should lift the inflatable pool wall.Make sure the pool does not gather or overlap.Tighten the wall of the inflatable pool to make it smooth.
Fill the water with the tube at the top of the pool.Put the ladders in the outdoor inflatable swimming pool together.The legs are attached to the two railings with screws.
The pump connects two hoses.
Install a hose at the opening at the top of the inflatable pool.Here, the water is discharged from the pool into the pump.Connect another hose to the opening in the middle of the pool.
This is where water enters the inflatable pool from the pump.Use the release value at the top of the pump to let the air out of the pump.All air needs to be removed from the pump before operation.
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