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How to Make a Simple Beach Ball Pinata

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-22
Bright and colorful piano can be the main attraction at any party.Fill them with packed candy and little toys like moreParty toy packs can be found in gift packs and party sections in most retail stores.Items of interest to adults such as clothing jewelry and gadgets will be great.
The big round ball drawn like a huge beach ball will make everyone happy.Most people think piano is a Mexican tradition, but it was used in China many years ago.Flour,5-Blow the beach ball until it is fully inflated.
The size of the ball you need depends on the number of guests who may be involved in crushing pi _ ata.More prizes will be awarded for a larger pi bid_ata.Stir the flour into a gallon of water in the mixing container until you have a slightly thick, slightly thick mixture.
Tear the newspaper from the center of the page to the edge of the outside.How much flour can be used.Put a few pieces into the flour and water mixture until they get wet.Place the beach ball on the table so the air can be turned on at the top.
Smooth the wet strip onto the ball until the ball is completely covered.Do not cover the air opening.The opening is at least 2 inch wide.Continue adding wet strips in a uniform way until you wear at least 4 layers of strips.Apply the last layer of flour with your hand or big brushand-The water mixture goes to the entire outside of the pi _ ata.
Let the pi ã ± ata dry for 3 or 4 days.
Unplug the plug on the air opening to get the air out of the beach ball.Be careful not to damage the pinata and take out the beach ball.Paint the entire pinata in the color you choose.
In the party theme, the color should match the other colors.You can also use acrylic process paint to make it very colorful.Don\'t paint in it.Let the paint dry.Punch 2 holes at the top of pinata on both sides of the center hole.
Insert a long ribbon or rope for hanging.
Fill pinata with snacks by inserting snacks into the top opening.Multiple items can be purchasedPacked in most retail stores in the party and gift wrap area.Tie a colored bow around the rope at the top to cover the area where the rope is connected to the ball.
Pinatas is more than just for the kids.
They can also be a fun party game for adults.They can also be used for pets such as dogs and cats..Someone who did not see a puppy or kitten tear into a package or paper bag.
If they knew there was delicious food in it, they would tear it off without hesitation!
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