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How to Make a Wacky Inflatable Tube Man

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-22
The quirky inflatable man is an infinitely customized decoration that allows you to create a holidaySnowman, even sports and other theme Management men-Celebrate the theme Management men of your favorite team.Your quirky inflatable Pipe Man\'s props are easy to make with plastic sheets, providing an easy way to add talent to your home or business.In order to create your own pump, you need a nearby power supply to power the gas pump, as well as a strong packing tape to ensure that the seams of the pipe personnel do not leak too much air when they are turned on.
Draw the design directly onto the garbage bag using a permanent mark.Trace a 4-foot-by-4-The square-foot part of the body, three long rectangular sections of 18 inch by 3 inch (the arm will use two), a wide rectangle of 2 feet by 18 inch and a circle of 2 feet in diameter (for the top of the head ).Cut out these plastic garbage bags.Cut off a pack of water and create a triangle bag (ice cream in shape) with moon-inch walls.
Make cylinders with all square and rectangular parts.The body should be 4-Feet high cylinder, there should be two 3-The long arm of the foot (and the same tube) and an 18-Head in inches (don\'t move this circle for the time being ).Cut 4-Connect the arm in an inch hole near the \"shoulder\" of the tube man.
Use packing tape to tape the seams.
Tie this circle to the top of your head.
Cut a 3-The inch slit at the top of the head and the left opening of the arm.This will make the air pumps fluctuate around when they start.Attach the bottom of the head to the body tube and seal it with a packing tape.
Tie the corner of the bag to the bottom of the body with tape.Dig a hole in the corner of the bagTie one end of the third \"arm\" tube here with cones and tape.Tape the other end of the \"arm\" tube to the opening of the air pump.
Check to make sure all seams are securely taped.Connect the air pump to the power outlet and turn it on.Watch the inflatable pipe personnel refuel and keep an eye out for any serious leaks.
Patch these with tapeBecause the gaps at the end of the head and arm are open, you need to turn on your air pump to keep the air flowing through it (which is the reason for the \"weird waving arm\" effect ).Whenever the air pump is not in use, unplug it and store your supervisor in a cool and dry place.Decorate your tube man with permanent marks or acrylic paint and completely dry before blowing it up.
Get creative by painting your subway guy in the home color of your local basketball team or making a quirky subway Santa
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