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How to Make an Artificial Palm Tree

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-28
Palm trees longing for the backyard?
I will tell you how to do one yourself.
The beauty of the Beach always fascinates us.
It is almost impossible to imagine a beach without palm trees.
Palm trees can always play a soothing and relaxing role.
Imagine yourself lying on the beach in a hammock between two palm trees.
It feels great, right?
To make your backyard BBQ more attractive, or just to add some palm trees to your beach party.
Everyone can\'t afford to have a real palm tree in the backyard.
They are also very difficult to maintain.
In this case, it would be a good idea to make an artificial palm tree.
You may notice artificial palm trees in several plays and movies.
It\'s not hard for them to do. 1. Take the pot.
Check if there are any holes in the bottom.
If you find a hole, cover it with some paper. 2.
Put the cardboard tube in the pan.
Now fill the jar with foam.
Make sure the cardboard tube is fixed correctly in the pan.
Foam plastic is the basis for preventing the movement of cardboard tubes.
You can also use sand or concrete for the same purpose.
The cardboard tube acts as the trunk of the palm tree. 3.
Once the cardboard tube is fixed, you can start making the front.
Straighten the hanger with pliers.
You should buy a craft paper that is 2 inch shorter than the length of the straighten hanger, and it should be half the length of the straighten hanger.
Once you have the right size craft paper, you should roll the craft paper vertically.
Mark the center of the volume.
Now cut the craft paper from the top.
Stop when you reach 3 cm before the center.
Make such a cut at 2 cm per roll.
Repeat the same procedure for the bottom of the volume.
Now expand the craft paper, apply glue on the straightened hanger, and stick the uncut center part of the craft paper to it.
The front end is now ready.
At least 8 such faces should be made.
The rest of the straight hanger forms a stem. 4.
Now drill holes in the top of the cardboard tube.
The number of holes should be equal to the number of fronts.
Now insert each stem into the proper holes and paste them with tape from the inside of the cardboard tube. 5.
Stick a few foam plastic balls on the tree trunk in an intermittent manner.
Now, apply the cardboard tube along with the foam plastic ball to the shade you like.
Foam plastic balls will add texture to the suitcase. 6.
You can draw a few larger foam plastic balls dark brown and stick them to the top of your cardboard tube.
They appear in the form of coconuts. 7.
Your palm trees are ready.
You can decorate the palm tree by lighting it up.
You can also replace the cardboard tube with bamboo.
An artificial palm tree is easy to maintain.
No need to water.
You can easily move it to any preferred location.
Go ahead and do one.
Try different textures and variations to make your palm trees look as realistic as you want.
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