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how to melt brass at home

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-05
It was not easy to make brass before the 18 th century.
The metal is a yellow alloy of copper and zinc that melts at 788 degrees Fahrenheit and boils at 1,742 degrees Fahrenheit.
In those days, charcoal cannot produce the heat needed to reduce zinc oxide.
Today, people can melt brass at home.
Brass is used to make a variety of items including bullets, Day dials and sculptures.
Door handles, coins and bolts are also made in brass.
Using brass can be a hobby or a homebased business.
Follow the steps below and anyone can melt the brass.
Wipe the brass sheet clean.
In order for the brass to melt properly, it must have no non-metallic residue.
Heat the stove.
Make sure there are no flammable items near the stove.
Wear aprons, gloves and goggles for safety welders.
Using pliers, place the Crucible into the furnace according to the instructions attached to the furnace.
Test a small piece of brass in the Crucible to see if it melts normally.
Decide the amount of brass you want to melt and place the brass in the crucible in the furnace.
Let the brass melt.
Pour the melted brass into the mold with pliers for cooling.
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