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how to repair an inflatable boat

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-24
If factory-owner can try small inflatable boat repair
Follow the glue instructions closely.
The airbag is larger than 1 inch of the cracks and holes, or the cracks and holes within 2 inch of the joints, and should be repaired by professional maintenance technicians of certified maintenance facilities with internal and external repair procedures.
A quick patch by the user may fix the problem in a short time, but it is recommended that the professional re-fix it.
Professional maintenance technicians are also advised to carry out maintenance of large inflatable boats at certified repair facilities and to add large accessories such as paddle locks, seats or traction rings.
If the vessel is still under warranty and the user is experiencing a seam failure, or the wooden beam is separated from the molded beam flange or pipe group, or the fabric is yellow and sticky, it is recommended to contact the dealer immediately.
Defective seams or sticky fabric may result in a full warranty range and users may receive a new ship for freeprorated fee.
Neptune®It is a brand of DuPont.
The technical name of it is chloro-sulfa polyethylene, but the user may only know that it is synthetic rubber.
It is one of the most popular materials in the manufacture of inflatable boats.
Neptune®More expensive than PVC, but longer duration, more resilient to UV damage, wear, gas and oil.
Its average life is 20-30 years.
Neptune®Inflatable boats can be repaired and repaired with adhesive.
Neptune®The adhesive is a product that performs inflatable boat repairs and restores the boat to its original state.
The adhesive has two parts, Basecoat and topcoat, and after proper cleaning with primer such as methyl acetate, it is easy to apply by simply applying it on it (MEK).
This adhesive is available in a variety of colors and is suitable for the color of the boat.
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