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how to run an inflatable castle business

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-25
If you want to make some extra money for your family, you should consider starting a bouncing castle rental business.
In this way, you can work full time and run your employment business through part-time work, and over the weekend, we recommend that you merge the business into a limited company.
This will allow the creation of a separate legal identity for your business.
If someone claims that they are hurt while using your castle, it is very important.
Fortunately, these are very rare, but you should protect yourself legally just in case.
This is an ideal part-time business with high returns.
We do not recommend renting them as full time business in Ireland as turnover is affected by the weather.
Obviously, if operating in a warming country can be a full-time business, you will make the kids happy when you run a business and help the party go smoothly.
The joy and expectation on the children\'s faces are priceless when the \"bouncing castle man\" arrives.
I remember a five. year-
One day, the old child asked me if I had children.
When I told him that I had four children, he said very seriously that they must be the luckiest child in the world because they could play on the jumping castle at any time.
Money rewards and cash flow can be very good, but knowing a child like this will give you a rich emotional experience.
We recommend that you rent the bouncing castle only for children and not for adults.
The need for a children\'s castle is much greater, and if your inflatable castle rental business rents the castle for adults, you may be in trouble.
We suggest you start your business from three castles.
Buy a big castle with a slide (16ft x 14 ft)
Two without slides14ft x 12ft).
EUR120 is charged to the castle with slides, and EUR100 is charged to the ordinary Castle.
Reduce the number of non-peak employees by 10% (Monday to Thursday).
Inflatable devices with slides will attract older children and parents with larger gardens.
The common Castle is more suitable for smaller children and parents with smaller gardens.
The children have birthdays every day of the year, and the jumping castle attracts children between the ages of 2 and 13.
In summer and fall, their parents can rent a jumping House for the back garden.
In winter and spring, parents can rent a community hall or church hall to hold a party and accommodate the castle.
In our experience, the rental season is from April to October.
Children prefer to walk in the garden outside rather than indoors.
Your customers are almost always women in their thirties or early forties.
They book companies, organize parties, and entertain children.
When you set up, your company will get business because of word of mouth and repeat business.
Every business needs publicity, especially new business.
What options would we recommend?
One option you can make is to come up with a paid ad in your local Yellow Pages/Gold Pages directory under the \"bounce house and inflatable toys\" category.
If you want to have a boxed or large ad, you will have to pay more, which will make you stand out from the crowd.
We found that boxed advertising does give you more business, but you have to weigh whether the extra cost can be recovered from the extra revenue.
A better option for you is that you can get a free list on the Gold page where they just enter your business name and number and create your own website to promote
The websites you create for your inflatable rental business are limited only by your imagination.
Don\'t fantasize that it will be an easy choice.
You will only succeed if you invest time in developing your website.
Choosing this option is better than passively paying boxed ads on your local gold page.
The website will provide you with countless opportunities to pre-sell your jump-off rental business to potential customers in your specific geographic area.
You can get visitors to your new hop Castle rental business site initially by using the ad method paid per click.
This provides cheap warm leads that can be very effective if done well.
When traffic on your site increases, you can increase another revenue stream by placing AdSense ads on your site.
This money will greatly reduce the hosting cost of your website.
Here is a list that you will need to start a resilient Castle business: 1)
Jump Castle, rain cover, electric fan, Mallet and anchor post. 2)
Van carrying the Castle
I used Ford\'s transportation. 3)
Protect the ground on the lower side of the bodyguard. 4)
Electrical extension cable (25 -30 meters long). 5)
RCD loop. (
Safety cutting device). 6)
Safety mat placed in front of the castle
Map of local streets of your town and its surrounding areas
Desk diary of A4 size for booking (1 Page to 1 day). 9)
Record the ledger of income and expenses, etc. 10)
Public liability insurance.
We highly recommend a minimum of 1 million euros. 11)
Safety instructions 12)
Customer disclaimer form 13)A trolley 14)
Mobile phone in company name 15)
A company bank account we recommend that you buy a castle for your moonwalk rental company from a reputable manufacturer.
Your new bouncing castle should be guaranteed for at least 1 year.
Make sure a small repair kit is included in the price of the castle.
Don\'t buy used inflatable toys for your company unless you are very experienced and know what to pay attention to on things like stitching etc.
Rent only to the householder holding a party at home or in the local lobby.
This reduces the chance of mistakes, and you know that the game in the castle will have proper adult supervision.
Avoid renting in banquets or community groups, as this greatly increases the likelihood of mistakes.
There is less supervision over these activities and your business may regret booking.
Ireland\'s bouncing castle hire company is busy every Saturday.
The reason for this is that this is a month, 8-year-
The children perform communion for the first time.
This is a very important event for children and their families.
The usual way to celebrate is that family members, relatives and celebrating families take friends to lunch.
Later in the day, the party continued to be held at the children\'s home, with a tradition of hiring an inflatable castle to make the children happy.
To avoid disappointment, parents usually have to rent a castle by December.
Parents who have their first child to communicate often fail to realize that this is a story that sometimes makes hiring too late.
When recruiting for their subsequent children, they do not make the same mistake.
Suggest to disappointed parents that they rent the jumping castle for Sunday.
Resist the urge to raise prices at this time.
Customers will remember to have to pay more than the odds.
They will not use your business again and will not recommend you to others.
When making a phone reservation for your business, you should check if there is enough back door.
Trust me, there\'s nothing worse than trying to have a moonwalk at the customer\'s house.
The hirer will not cancel the reservation.
The first thing they will do after hiring you is to tell their children that they have booked.
They will then not turn around to cancel the big day that is coming.
Don\'t pick up money in advance unless they pay by check.
Checks are allowed to be cleared within two weeks.
No cancellation fee is guaranteed to the hirer.
In our experience, the only way for them to cancel their employment if it rains is.
At the beginning of our business, we constantly check the weather forecast and advise our customers.
We stopped doing this because we called a customer and told him that the weather forecast was very bad and she wanted to cancel the hire of elastic Castle for free.
She asked us if we refused to deliver the inflatable castle and did not grasp the focus and our goodwill at all.
We sent the inflatable castle.
It kept raining all day, and they had little use renting from inflatable castles.
When I came back, she said she should listen and now realized that we have been thinking about her best interests.
If she wants to cancel the employment of the elastic Castle, it is entirely up to her to decide.
You can even add a page to our inflatable castle rental website, like us, where potential customers can check the weather forecast for the next eight days.
We recommend that you always build resilient castles in the back garden of the hire.
This allows her to have better control over who uses the unit, which limits the possibility of party outsiders entering the inflatable castle unit from your point of view.
When you get to the party, check with the hire to see exactly where she wants the inflatable castle to be positioned.
Make sure the area is grassy and a bouncy castle large enough.
We \'ve had situations where people had to tear down the lines of clothes and dig plants and shrubs to build resilient castles.
The hirer will do anything to build the inflatable castle they hire as they will tell the child that the inflatable castle has been booked.
They didn\'t want to turn around and tell the kids that because the space was smaller than they thought, they had to cancel the rental order for the elastic Castle.
Don\'t be surprised if your customer wants the elastic Castle to move as it rises, as she may not have considered being able to see what\'s going on in the house.
Paid when the inflatable castle is set to look like she is satisfied with it and has her sign for two disclaimer forms.
Give her one and file the other.
Stick to cash because the check can be returned or stopped.
If you take the check, you should send them to your inflatable castle rental company two weeks in advance so that they can be settled at the time of booking.
Show the hirer how everything works and point out that different things can go wrong unless the children are properly supervised while playing at the inflatable castle.
Make sure she has your mobile number in case something goes wrong during the inflatable castle rental.
Call again at the agreed time or later.
The kids always want to jump on the inflatable castle once more, so if you arrive later than the agreed time, there will be less resentment.
Children like to put their hands in the inflatable castle to deflate, fold and put.
If you make sure they don\'t get hurt while helping you, it should be encouraged.
Check if everything goes well and when the inflatable castle is put away, give her a 5 euro coupon for any future inflatable castle rental.
Give business cards to any mothers attending the party who may want to contact your inflatable castle rental company in the future.
Good luck if you decide to go to the inflatable castle rental company.
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