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how to start and run a profitable bouncy castle and play inflatable rental business

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-24
Rent inflatable castles and other game inflatable toys for children\'s gatherings, family activities, etc.
Full time or part time is a great family business with high profits and fun!
You own the business and all the equipment and there is no need to pay any franchise fees or licensing rights.
For example, only three flexible part of the castle-
£ 55 weekend ($US88)
Each bodyguard will bring about £ 330 a day ($US528)
Or more than £ 1,300 per weekend ($US2,080)per month.
The assumed cost is approximately £ 300 ($US480)
This leaves more than 1,000 pounds each month ($US1,600)profit!
It\'s good to work just a few hours!
The children have birthdays every day of the year.
In summer and fall, their parents can rent an inflatable castle in the back garden or yard.
In winter and spring, parents can rent a community hall to hold a party and provide accommodation for bodyguards.
To run a successful inflatable castle rental business, you don\'t need to give up your full time job or any big capital investment.
This article will show newcomers how to start and successfully run the inflatable castle/inflatable rental business from home and avoid mistakes made by others in the past. 1: Research.
When considering starting a resilient Castle rental business, the first thing to do is to look through all your local newspapers ,(
Classification part)
Yellow Pages and online.
See if there\'s anyone else in your town advertising the inflatable castle rental business.
Don\'t be delayed if you find a regular advertiser --
You still have space.
In most towns, the demand for elastic castles far outweighs their supply, especially during the summer months.
You will have a very clear understanding of the competition in your area.
In busy areas, when competitors are too busy to complete their bookings on their own, they usually pass on queries or even bookings to other companies.
If you are very lucky, there may be no competitors in your area.
2. Equipment required.
Here is a list of the equipment you need to start the inflatable castle rental business: a)
Inflatable castle with rain
Cover, electric blower and anchor pile. b)
Protect the ground on the lower side of the bodyguard. c)
Electrical extension cable (25 -30 meters long). d)
RCD loop. (safety cut-out device). e)
A safety mat in front of the castle. f)
Satellite navigation of your town and its surrounding areas or map of local streets. g)
Desk diary of A4 size for booking (1 Page to 1 day). h)
Record the ledger of income and expenses, etc. i)
Public liability insurance.
We highly recommend an absolute minimum of £ 1 million. j)
Safety instructions and customer disclaimer. k)A sack trolley.
From experience, we strongly recommend that your first inflatable castle be 12 feet by 12 feet. (3. 6m x 3. 6m)
3 or 4 feet (Approx. 1 metre)
Safety steps in front.
This size is by far the most popular size for customers, easy to handle and store, and will fit most of the back gardens and community halls when it expands.
There are many excellent companies selling resilient castles.
Most of the new inflatable castles have a one-year guarantee, while some manufacturers have a two-year guarantee.
Make sure you include a small repair kit in the price of your bouncer.
If you purchase a new one, please make sure there is a certificate for the inflatable that it has been manufactured to a recognized standard and as of January 2010 the standard is: bs en 14960: 2006 (UK and Europe).
Be very careful when buying used game inflatable toys, as the stitching on the seams will wear and tear over time and can cause bed failure.
Bring an experienced person and he will know what to pay attention.
3. Where does the customer come from.
Fortunately, children are born every day of the year, so the supply of potential customers is almost endless.
Most parents prefer to hold parties in their own back garden or in the local community hall.
In addition to a private children\'s party, you can also hire bodyguards in several other placesg.
Children\'s Games, nursery, bar, hotel, after-sales service
School clubs, shopping centers, school banquets, car trunk exhibitions, shows and parties, charity events, football clubs, barbecues, beach parties, christening parties, wedding receptions, tennis clubs, cub and scout groups, Brownie and guided groups, business promotions, open days, etc.
4: How to get a reservation.
In order to get your first job, I suggest you do the following: First of all, tell everyone you know with young children that you have an elastic Castle to rent.
If they are ready to tell all their friends and relatives, they will rent it at a discount.
Secondly, you need to place ads in the local newspaper and in the local Yellow Pages directory.
This ad will attract a lot of people to consult, and you can almost Book automatically if your phone calls are polite and helpful.
You should also consider signing up for free with Google Maps so that when your prospects enter your town and bouncy castle hire names in Google search engines, they can easily(
It\'s a great idea to have a website, but in order for your company to go public in Google Maps for free, it doesn\'t matter to have a website.
The initial inquiry will take several forms and most callers initially want to know the cost of renting an inflatable castle, what size of Castle is there?
How many children can use it at the same time?
What age can be used?
When a customer calls, the first question you should always ask is what date the party is on?
Secondly, how old is the child?
With this information, you can suggest a bouncy castle with 90% x 12ft bodyguards for 12ft of the time.
If the children are small. e. aged 1 -
4. Suggest a smaller bodyguard or even a flexible Baseball Stadium (a small semi-
Inflatable castle full of multiple closures
Color Plastic Ball).
Also, tell the customer that you can deliver the castle, install it all and collect it at the end of the party.
Tell the customer that you will call them a few days ago to confirm the delivery time etc.
This approach helps build trust with customers and should restore trust next time.
Always tell customers it\'s raining-
Cover included in the price.
5. Promotion and recommendation.
It is very important to take advantage of your first elastic Castle reservation. For example -
Parents have just rented your inflatable castle for their son\'s birthday party.
You just got about 55 pounds.
But it\'s not over.
There will be parents of other children at this party and those children will also have birthday parties, so you need to promote your company as much as possible.
The best way to do this is to distribute leaflets of A5 size.
It is also a good idea to print and distribute some business cards.
Always remember that customer satisfaction comes first.
You really want their party to be successful and want their children to have a very enjoyable time.
In this way, parents are more likely to recommend you to their friends and hire you from you again and again. 6: Safety.
Safety is definitely the most important thing for children.
We strongly recommend that you provide safety instructions to your customers.
We have made some templates for you.
You can find a copy of this on the homepage of the BIHA website (see link below).
In addition, you should be familiar with the legal requirements and codes of practice applicable to the operation of flexible castles. (
See: link to the BIHA website below)7: Basic Book-keeping.
It is very important to keep track of all the money you receive.
Of course, the same is true for your expenses in advertising, printing, fuel, telephone, etc.
8. Expand business.
After you start hiring a few employees, you may start thinking about other types of inflatable products such as inflatable slides and inflatable balloons.
Don\'t forget that the business market is very profitable. E. g.
Local councils and big companies in your town).
Good luck, everything goes well!
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