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how to take care of a dinghy - no jokes, please!

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-23
When you buy an inflatable boat, there is not as much maintenance work to be done on your boat as a fiberglass boat, but you still need to take steps to protect your boat.
Inflatable boats are almost indestructible, but there are things that will make you fall over time, such as puncture, tearing, or material breaking.
Here are some tips to help you take care of the inflatable boat and make sure it stays puncture free for many years.
Store your boat in a cool, dry place during the off season-
When you don\'t use the inflatable boat shop, deflate it and store it in a cool but not cold and not too warm place.
If you are going to put the boat in the garage, make sure it\'s in the case, in the case, or another container, let the little animal not chew it, and don\'t let the cold weather cause it to freeze, then split.
Keep your inflatable boat away from direct sunlight
There is not much that could damage the inflatable boat, but the sun is one of them.
Frequent exposure to direct sunlight can lead to material breakage in inflatable boats, which can lead to weaknesses and even leaks in small boats over time.
You can\'t stop the boat from touching the sun when you\'re on the surface of the water, but make sure that when the boat is stored, you put it in a place where there is little or no direct sunlight
Don\'t use any products on your boat
Of course, you want your boat to look good but using any product that enhances the gloss, such as the car product and the one used on the PVC, will cause the surface of the inflatable boat to reject patches and glue.
So if your ship does have puncture, tear or even scratch and you \'ve been using one of these products on board you won\'t be able to get a patch to your ship
Resist the urge to use the product to add more gloss or improve the condition of the vessel.
Wash your boat off when you get home
If you go out with your boat, your boat is stranded on the beach or rock beach at any time of the day, or if you put the boat in salt water, you should use a hose. The boat stops when you get home.
Give it a good rinse before you deflate, pay special attention to the seams, which will help get any sand or salt from your ship.
Sand and salt will degrade the glue that supports the seams of the boat over time, and may eventually cause water leakage or damage to the boat.
So, take the extra time to rinse the inflatable boat before you put it away.
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