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How to Tell The Price And Quality of Bouncy Castle

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-28
Guangzhou Caiyun inflatable company has a high-quality inflatable castle or water slide, and the export products are 0.Commercial grade 55mm pvc arpaulin.The customer\'s design and needs can also be met as a professional factory.For example, colors, sizes, or new designs can be made according to your needs.
But you know there are other materials that are the same as 0.55mm pvc TARP, thick or thin, you will not tell them if you are not a professional buyer.Even some materials in Oxford can make small inflatable products, such as inflatable Christmas and doubleBut some sellers use it to make inflatable castles or water slides, something you don\'t know.
55mm pvc waterproof oil cloth is generally used as an inflatable castle and water slide. This grade is relatively high. it can not only be used by children, but also by adults. it can withstand strong pressure.Use for at least two years.So you have a guarantee if you buy this product.
Of course, the price will be higher than other cheap materials, but in China, the price of our products is very competitive.Therefore, at present our products are famous for good quality and good service.But the price here is much cheaper than us.
I was confused at first.
You know, in my experience, I know that the price will lose a lot of money if 0 is used.55 mm pvc.Through my survey, I found that some vendors do not use 0.Some products contain 55mm pvc.Use thinner material instead of 0.55 mm pvc.But you can\'t see it because it\'s stitched in an inflatable castle or a waterslide.
Other suppliers claim that their materials are 0.6mm pvc, you know it\'s impossible.You will know 0 if you are professional enough.6mm pvc for air production-Sealed products such as water toys, water balls or water climbing.
Air Products are maintained at Inflatable castles and bounce houses, 0.55mm pvc tarpaulin is the best.So you need to stay awake and if their prices are far above average, maybe their labor costs or management costs are higher than others, but not because their quality is better than others.At the same time, there is also a material called Oxford that can be used to make inflatable tents or inflatable Christmas.
It is lighter and softer than pvc, so it is very popular to make inflatable Christmas.Some large outdoor advertising inflatable Christmas has a good image on Christmas Day, as the cost is very competitive, so buyers may prefer to order this product.Because the price is good, it allows people to buy one for their family.
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