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how water slides work

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
To compress the slides, you need a steady stream of water to reduce the friction between you and the fiberglass surface.
In order to keep the stream, the water park must provide water at the top of the slide.
Most water slides are done with pumps, which are located in a building near the bottom of the slide.
In the standard design, the pump motor rotates the drive shaft attached to the propeller.
The rotating propeller drives the water forward in the way the aircraft propeller moves the air particles.
The pump draws water from the pool, usually the pool at the bottom of the slide, and pushes it up to the top of the slide through narrow pipes.
In this way, the water under the slide will continue to recycle.
In some parks, water is cycled through several connected pools before being pumped back to the top of the slide.
In a typical scene
There is a check valve on the water pipe, also known as the check valve
Check valve located between the top of the pump and the slider.
Water can only flow up through this valve.
This makes it easier for water park hosts.
When they close the pump at night, all the water from the check valve to the top of the slide is placed in the pipe.
When they open the pump again in the morning, they do not have to wait for the pipe to refill;
The water began to flow immediately.
In order to keep everything sanitary, the water in the collection pool is also pumped through the filter and filter system.
The typical filter is a large container filled with sand, which is located on the top of a layer of gravel.
Water is pumped from the top of the container through the sand and gravel layer to the bottom.
The sharp edges of fine sand particles capture a small amount of dirt in the passing water.
In the evening, park managers poured water through filters.
When the water moves up through the sand, it removes dirt and cleans the filter.
The anti-wash tank was pumped to the sewer.
In a typical collection pool, all the water passes through the filter several times a day.
Any swimming pool is losing water. -
Take the water away by filtering, evaporation and people wearing swimsuits.
To fill the pool, the park has to inject more water from the well or from the city line.
The water slide continues to advance at an extremely fast speed.
One of the most interesting advances on the horizon is
Called \"water roller coaster\"
\"In the past, the water slide acted by gravity. driven rides;
Water doesn\'t help you with your descent.
But some new designs actually push you up the slope with water.
In these rides, the pump system drives high
Water pressure along the chute to several points.
When the water slides down, the flow of water will push you to the next hill.
With this element, the designer can make a full circular slide just like a roller coaster.
It\'s really great that you can do this with water, plastic, fiberglass and gravity only.
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