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how water slides work

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
The physical performance of the water slide reaches the most basic level, it is a relatively gentle roller coaster with no track and no car.
If you have read how the roller coaster works, then you know that the roller coaster is driven by gravity.
At the beginning of the journey, the roller coaster car was pulled up to the elevator mountain.
As the roller coaster rises in the air, its potential energy or position energy will increase.
To put it simply, it has dropped further.
When the roller coaster is released at the top of the mountain, gravity pulls it down into orbit and converts potential energy to kinetic energy or moving energy.
The water slide works exactly the same.
But you have stairs instead of elevator mountain.
Climbing the stairs will accumulate a certain amount of potential energy. when you walk down the slide, the potential energy will become kinetic energy.
Higher slides have more potential work energy than shorter slides.
On the water slide, your body sometimes combines with a mat or raft to replace the roller --coaster car.
Roller coaster cars have wheels rolling along the track.
This reduces the friction between the car and the track, so that the car can continue to move.
The water slide has a constant flow of water from the top to the bottom.
Water lubricate the slides to reduce friction between the slides and the body.
In addition to the total height, the main difference between specific water slides is the way they put the potential energy into work.
This is determined by the shape of the slide.
In the next section, we will look at how the shape of the slide affects the speed and distance of your flight.
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