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how water slides work

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
The type of water slide, from the sledge to the snake body, the slide applies the force of anti-gravity.
The balance of these two forces depends on the angle of the slider.
When you slide on an almost horizontal slope, gravity will pull you directly into the slide, which will push you up.
The sliding upward force is almost the opposite of the downward force of gravity, slowing down your downward acceleration.
Gravity is still pulling you straight when the slope drops sharply, but the inclined slide no longer pulls you straight;
It pushes you in an angle between up and forward.
Since the slides can\'t fight gravity directly, you accelerate faster down.
Speed Slides and sledge slides focus only on these. and-down forces.
On the high-speed slide, you go straight down the steep slope and enter an outlet sink, a long waterway that slowly slows you down.
On the sled slide.
Also known as the toboggan slide)
You glide through a series of bumps and drops.
In both of these slide designs, you are all straight forward.
The winding slide adds something new to the mix: the curve.
The slide winds and twists on the road to the bottom, and has been whipping you in different directions.
In this case, the sliding structure can resist not only gravity, but also your own inertia.
As you accelerate toward the curve, your body will naturally want to move on.
If the slides are flat, you will be fired into the air at the first sharp turn.
The slides must bend up during these turns in order for you to continue.
When you encounter these curves, you will feel a powerful force acting on your body.
This is the slide to accelerate you. -
Change your pace of progress-
So you\'re going in a different direction. (
See how the roller coaster works and learn more about these forces. )
In order for everything to work properly on the water slide, you need a solid, smooth surface to slide.
In the next section, we will discuss the structural elements of the water slide.
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